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Duration: 00:01:57
Release Date: 29/04/2021

Burst Detect

Burst Detect is the capability to reliably see narrow pulsed signals in spectrum analyzer mode.

By using burst detect, emitters as narrow as 200 μs can be captured every time.

If you are having trouble with improperly installed cellular boosters (bi-directional amplifiers) or need to find bugs or other intermittent signals, the burst detect enhancement will give you what you need to find them and get them shut down.

Burst detect is a free firmware update starting with firmware version V1.13 for the following models:

MS2722C Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 9 GHz

MS2723C Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 13 GHz

MS2724C Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 20 GHz

MS2725C Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 32 GHz

MS2726C Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz - 43 GHz

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