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Duration: 00:03:31
Release Date: 29/04/2021

Base Station Analyzer

Building on the success of the current BTS Master models, Anritsu announces its third generation handheld base station analyzer, the MT8220T BTS Master. For network operators, infrastructure vendors, sub-contractors and installers, the MT8220T is the only all-in-one, touch screen, handheld tool that combines line sweeping, comprehensive wireless measurements, ultra-sensitive spectrum analysis, and sophisticated interference tracking in a compact, light-weight, easy-to-use instrument.

The MT8220T comes standard with 2-port cable and antenna analysis, internal power meter measurements, high-performance spectrum analysis, and an internal GPS receiver for both enhanced frequency accuracy and location logging of measurement data, all backed by a 3-year warranty.

The cable and antenna analyzer 2-port dynamic range has been improved to greater than 100 dB (typically 110 dB), a key parameter for repeater antenna isolation measurements. It includes Fast, Performance and No FFT spectrum analyzer sweep modes allowing users to trade-off between measurement throughput and accuracy. Burst Detect mode allows users to capture and analyze narrow transient interfering signals making direction finding and locating such signals much easier and faster. For improved economy and to reduce complexity, bundled wireless measurements options can be specified for all cellular technologies.

LTE applications will enjoy an almost 3 times increase in scanner speed, improving the measurement throughput in over-the-air scanner, transmitter test and mapping scenarios. And with today’s trend towards greater use of Remote Radio Head and MIMO installations, the BTS Master’s over-the-air measurement modes and automatic MIMO detection make remote testing of base stations easy.

Anritsu's MT8220T BTS Master base station analyzer – advancing the measurement performance of handheld cellular base station test equipment.

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