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Duration: 00:28:57
Release Date: 29/04/2021

5G NR Grid of Beam measurements illustrated with the MS2090A High Performance Spectrum Analyzer

This video describes the concept of grif of beam which has been introduced by 3GPP to define how a 5G NR carrier signaling block should be decoded and the kind of strategic channels the SSB contains in details (PSS, SSS and PBCH/PBCH-DMRS). All along this video, an example of a 5G NR carrier with 100MHz bandwidth and Sub Carrier Spacing of 30kHz is chosen to illustrate the 3GPP requirements. As this represents what the 5G technology has introduced compared to existing LTE for instance, the video also show how to setup a high performance portable sepctrum analyzer on the field to synchronize onto a 5G NR carrier and to decode the required channels. The demodulation of this 5G carrier allows to quantify how good or poor the transmission is from the network, all measurements being done over the air.

Main learning points:

  • Introduction to 5G technology, acronyms and RF signalling
  • Differences between conventional cellular technologies and 5G NR
  • Introduction to 5G radio cell coverage detailing the concept of grid of beam to be decoded from the SSB transmission
  • Quality indicators to be measured to understand about the transmission of the 5G network
  • Ease of use of the MS2090A to be configured to demodulate a 5G NR carrier and provide all necessary metrics on the field
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