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IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Thigs)

Secure and seamless Internet connections are required to provide customers with services for IoT devices and products.
The key point is the wireless connection quality and how to measure and evaluate it.
Anritsu builds the essential test and measurement instruments for assuring wireless communications quality and plays a key role in supporting customers and society with measurement solutions for leading mobile broadband technologies.

What's IoT

What's IoT

IoT is a collection of things in our everyday environment that are connected to the Internet to offer previously unimagined services.
Commercial deployment of IoT services will stimulate an explosion of innovation in many fields, including self-driving vehicles, medical and health care, insurance, transport, energy, manufacturing and industrial plants, distribution, agriculture, health emergency medical services (HEMS), and more.

The recent appearance of various new products and services is expected see further rapid growth in new markets. The various things (IoT products and devices) connected to the Internet in this IoT market use wireless communications, etc., to handle data captured by sensors before transmission via the Internet to data centers (servers). These servers use AI to analyze the data and then transfer the results via the Internet to other IoT devices and smartphones, etc.

For example, a smartphone can be used to switch on a home air conditioner and set a temperature remotely so the rooms are at the right temperature when people get home.
The wireless communications technologies used in the IoT market include LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi and WLAN), Bluetooth®, sub-GHz bands, and more. LTE, NB-IoT and Cat-M are cellular-type wireless communications used by smartphones, etc., whereas wireless LAN (Wi-Fi, WLAN), and Bluetooth are connectivity-type wireless communications methods. These wireless communications methods are regulated by various standard organizations to assure the communications quality to be maintained.

Additionally, there are also national laws regulating wireless communications to assure a stable radio environment by limiting radio interference as much as possible and to promote better use of frequency bands, etc.

IoT devices with built-in radio communications functions must fully comply with wireless standards for assuring wireless communications quality as well as with national radio standards.

For example, the functions of smartphones, repeater equipment (IoT Gateways, Access Points), IoT air conditioners, etc., must satisfy the performance (communications quality) defined by the wireless communications standards (LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

Development and production of IoT devices requires evaluation of device wireless communications in the actual usage environment to assure that the communications quality is maintained (satisfies values defined by the standards).
Implementing this process assures the customer's IoT product quality and separates these makers' products from those of other makers who do not evaluate wireless communications quality, resulting in higher brand recognition for the former group.
The Bluetooth® trademark and logo are both the property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and Anritsu uses these marks on its products under license.

Anritsu’s Solutions

Anritsu's Solutions for IoT

Wireless communications are assumed to be the most common method used in the IoT market for connecting to the Internet. There is also news about using LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M, WLAN and Bluetooth for these wireless communications and products featuring these technologies are appearing.
For example, there are already many smart home appliances, such as cleaners and air conditioners, using wireless LAN.
Anritsu measurement solutions (instruments) support all these wireless communications including LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M, wireless LAN and Bluetooth.
Introduction of Anritsu's provided solution for wireless communication.

Product Range Supporting Wireless Standards

Anritsu measurement solutions support both cellular communications methods such as LTE, NB-IoT, and Cat-M used by smartphones, etc., and connectivity-type wireless communications such as wireless LAN (Wi-Fi, WLAN), Bluetooth, etc.
For wireless communication standards with IoT equipment, Anritsu provides measurement instrument from R&D to Manufacturing.

Download Reference Materials

IoT is a combination of everyday things connected via the Internet, but IoT devices depend heavily on short-range wireless technologies.
Moreover, one major problem in development and improving the quality of new IoT devices is the difficulty of understanding wireless communications technologies by engineers with little wireless experience. These materials provide information for understanding the basics of wireless communications to some level of specialist knowledge.
Download reference materials which summarized technical problems and it's solution for wireless communication.


Anritsu's Approach for IoT/5G

Anritsu's 120-years history has been a story of meeting challenges for a better future.
As we face the dawn of the IoT/5G era, when wireless crosses paths with wired telecommunication, we promise to stay on the leading edge of technology.
Now let's take a step into our history together.

Next generation 5G technology will be even faster than 4G, with the industry aiming for transfer speeds of over 10Gbps, around 1000 times the capacity of LTE and a rise in M2M communication. This 5G system will be used to run what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT) as it is expected to allow users to connect all kinds of everyday items to the Internet. In addition to automotive technology, IoT is expected to lead to major social innovation in a wide range of fields including medicine, healthcare, transportation, energy, industry and agriculture.

Anritsu's Introduction

Anritsu measurement solutions support customers bringing high-quality leading-edge mobile broadband and IoT technologies to market as soon as possible.
We continue with development of IoT measurement solutions for everyone.

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