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Repair and Calibration

Warranty, Repair and Calibration

As well as a local support network, Anritsu has invested in state-of-the art calibration facilities and European centres-of-excellence. These provide calibration and repair facilities across the product range; from mobile radio through RF and Microwave, to digital and optical technology.

Our support network is constantly developing to meet customer demands. All calibration is backed up by traceability to national and international standards and performed under ISO accreditation.


Anritsu products are provided with a 36 month global warranty which starts from the time the product is shipped.

Extended Warranty

Why not take out an extended warranty at the point of equipment purchase? You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that should you have any problems during the warranty period, your equipment will be repaired with top priority, and at no extra charge.


Service Levels

There are three levels of calibration service available, providing a choice to meet the varying levels of customer need.


The Silver package provides calibration in accordance with the Full Manufacturer's Published Performance Specification. Results data sheets including the addition of uncertainties where available are provided.


The Gold package extends the Silver package to include the detailed adjustment of the instrument. It includes a Certificate of Calibration with calibration results against Full Manufacturer's Published Performance Specification parameters. This is in the form of a results data sheet, including both 'before and after' adjustment and repair values, with uncertainties being provided where available.


The Platinum package includes checking by comparison with a standard and test equipment taking place under ISO/CEI 17025 accredited procedures. The package builds on the Gold package, providing a certificate of calibration that includes uncertainties, and 'before and after' adjustment results (where applicable).


On-Site Calibrations
If you can't afford to be without your equipment for any length of time, even for calibration, don't despair. By travelling to your site of operations and calibrating your equipment there and then, we can ensure that down time is kept to an absolute minimum.

Flexible Calibration/Maintenance Contracts

With the Anritsu range of flexible contracts, we are confident that there is something for everyone. The modular concept means you can add options together to create a calibration and/or maintenance solution which is unique to you and your company's needs.


At Anritsu we recognise the importance of fast turnaround times for repair. An extensive investment has been made to provide a high level of 'in stock' availability of spare parts ensuring minimum down time for equipment repairs. Periodically, engineering upgrades and design improvements become available. Such upgrades ensure peak performance of the equipment, and are normally performed at the same time as calibration, and/or repair.

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