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Video Inspection Probe G0306C

Video Inspection Probe

The Video Inspection Probe G0306C inspects the end face of a fiber connected to a tester, PC, etc., to confirm cleanliness and damage and whether to clean or change a dirty or scratched connector.
  • 400x digital probe
  • USB 2.0/1.1 support
  • Pre-installed drivers
  • Automated connector Pass/Fail based on IEC 61300-3-35 standard
  • Multiple connector tips
  • Digital connector image is safer than direct view microscopes

Scratches and stains on optical-fiber ferrule end faces can have a negative impact on transmission quality. Connecting the G0306C to the Network Master MT1000A/MT1040A series, ACCESS Master MT9085 series, Network Master MT9090A (μOTDR module) series or a Windows® PC displays provides a safe way to view, analyze and document connector end face condition and quality. This function is useful for determining whether a ferrule end face is clean, or whether connector replacement is required due to the presence of scratches.

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