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Mobile Interference Hunting: A Unique Approach

13/11/2014 ,1 hour

Wireless network operators have seen the performance of their systems degraded by interference sources. Various issues such as dropped calls, blocked calls and degraded data throughput often result from interference signals. New ways are needed to find the sources of such interference that are both efficient and cost-effective for the operator or regulator. This webinar will focus on a new method for interference hunting using mostly off-the-shelf parts that will work in multiple geographic environments, including “urban canyons” where signal multipath is severe.

In this web seminar you will get an insight into the Wifi-Offload technology and lab testing solutions.

What will you learn:
1. Factors to consider when interference hunting in LTE uplink channels
2. How to find periodic (or “radar like”) interference signals
3. Advantages of using mobile systems for interference hunting
4. Efficient methods for interference hunting

Who should attend?
Interference Hunting Engineers, Contractors, Cellular Operators, Regulators.
A general understanding of LTE network architecture is required.

Length: 1 hour

Mark Heimbach, Product Manager, Anritsu Company

Mark Heimbach is a Senior Product Manager at Anritsu with more than 20 years experience in the wireless industry in roles ranging from design engineering to marketing and business development. Mark has global product line management responsibility for the company’s interference hunting systems. Mark holds an MSEE degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



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