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Service Assurance

MWC 2020
Mobile World Congress 2020
Anritsu will show advanced solutions supporting the latest 5G standards and network deployments. 5G device and applications test, Conformance Test, V2X, Field Installation Testing, C-RAN deployment, Advanced Analytics and Telco Cloud Support will be the key test and monitoring solutions on display.
MasterClaw™ Monitoring
MasterClaw™ is a massively scalable and cost effective solution that utilizes latest generation big data architecture and high performance passive probes to provide unrivalled visibility of subscriber experience across multiple technologies, from voice to mobile applications. It provides true insight into your customers experience across all services in a seamless package, from next generation big data analytics to real time dashboards, KPIs and detailed troubleshooting. MasterClaw™ platform is the underlying framework boosting our Multi-Dimensional Service Assurance and our Advanced Analytics solutions, providing customers with the richest and fully actionable “Data experience”.
eoMind Streaming Analytics
Smarter Operations Using Automation
eoMind uses streaming analytics to detect subscriber-affecting issues. Using patent-pending machine learning, eoMind automatically detects anomalies in behavior for subscribers, isolates the root cause and then closes the loop using intelligent automation with a customizable suite of next best actions. It does it faster than traditional tooling, with high accuracy and reduces mean time to resolution (MTTR). With cases closed faster, fewer subscribers are impacted further reducing support costs.
eoSight Big Data Analytics
eoSight Big Data Analytics
The Industry’s First Truly Scalable Big Data Analytics Solution
Whether you measure your data lake by the billions of call detail records or by the peta-byte, eoSight allows you to build a multi-dimensional data driven view of your customers, network, applications and devices. State-of-the-art visualizations are combined with in memory analytics and predictive analysis of key business metrics to give you a view of not only the past, but also of the future. At Anritsu, we are offering our award winning eoSight solution to enables long term customer experience analysis and trending while keeping costs under control. organizations to achieve a 360° view of customer’s
Service Assurance for Network Functions Virtualzation
MasterClaw vProbe
Network Function Virtualization
Anritsu’s market-leading Service Assurance solution, MasterClaw, now de-risks your migration to virtualization. The Anritsu vProbe is a cloud-ready solution enabling network operators to optimize and troubleshoot their virtualized networks. It is an integral part of the MasterClaw Customer Experience Assurance solution and can be seamlessly integrated with existing MasterClaw installations, giving a single, simplified and effective way to troubleshoot NFV deployments.

Automated Assurance and Augmented Analytics

Frost & Sullivan - 2016 Global Technology Innovation Award Recipient

Anritsu’s Multi-Dimensional Assurance Solution provides CSPs (Communications Service Providers) with unrivalled visibility of network and service performance that enables optimization of customer experience and understanding of how customers use data services as well as how they are impacted by problems. The solution provides unique visibility into the experience of ALL your customers, including the numbers impacted by any problem, in the right context, and at the right time.

Whether for a CTO who needs to see overall service performance, a product manager seeing if their new offering is succeeding, a corporate sales executive re-negotiating a multi-million contract or network planner deciding where best to invest new capacity – Multi-Dimensional Assurance has the actionable intelligence you need.

Augmented Analytics


Key to reducing costs, improving mean-time-to-resolution and improving customer experience is automatically identifying subscriber anomalies, linking them to the root cause and then closing the loop using intelligent automation.

eoMind is different from other OSS/Service Assurance tools. It is zero-touch, lightweight, and data agnostic. It uses streaming analytics to automate anomaly detection and selects next best actions in real-time significantly reducing mean-time-to-resolution and costs for Operators.

Our patent-pending machine learning algorithms help manage the growing complexity of networks using the same resources and help detect, prioritize, and close issues automatically.



Virtual probing will be required on the move to virtualized networks. For most operators, a hybrid physical/virtual network will is needed first. Some greenfield operators will go fully virtualized from the start. Huge savings on capex and opex are promised with this generational leap in technology.

To manage and assure virtual networks using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) requires a virtual assurance solution. Our vProbe is NFV ready, reliable, field-tested, and scalable. Supporting hybrid networks it works seamlessly alongside existing probing and troubleshooting.

Anritsu is helping service providers manage this complex hybrid environment with correlated, end-to-end, customer experience and network traffic insights with augmented analytics to close the loop on next-generation networks.

Customer Analytics


Customer Experience is a key driver of customer loyalty, customer retention and ultimately revenue for operators.

eoSight™ is our multidimensional data-driven smart view of your subscribers, network, applications, and devices. It is designed to handle huge volumes of records and data in a cost-effective manner suitable for both large and small service providers. In-memory analytics ensure speedy responses with predictive analytics supporting trend prediction.

Gain an operational edge with smarter business decisions using customer-focused use cases including customer experience management, service quality, and customer lifetime value.

Drilldown Explorer


Network, engineering and planning teams require real-time insights into performance, availability, and services to optimize operational resources and reduce mean-time-to-resolution.

eoSearch™ is a carrier-grade, scalable, service assurance solution providing a consistent, unified view of network and service performance, with tried-and-trusted workflows based on customer use cases.

Triage and prioritize issues to reduce troubleshooting time and save on operational costs on physical and virtualized networks.

Automated Assurance

Advanced Network

Anritsu’s comprehensive probing and troubleshooting solution is massively scalable and cost-effective for legacy and next-generation networks reducing operational costs and driving efficiencies for customers around the world.

It provides end-to-end insight into customer experience and network traffic with KPIs, detailed call-flow troubleshooting, real-time dashboards, and big data analytics and reporting. It assures 5G networks, virtualized and cloud-enabled, seamlessly alongside 2G to 4G networks.

Operators want to invest in the future of their networks but also want to assure the investments already made. Anritsu's Automated Assurance solutions feed our smart Augmented Analytics solutions ensuring Operators stay smarter than the network.

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