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5G World

11/06/2019 - 13/06/2019 , London, UK

5G World brings together the 5G ecosystem to define the next steps toward 5G roll out and monetisation. With a comprehensive conference programme of CTO’s, unrivalled networking opportunities and an interactive exhibition, there is no better place to discover where 5G is today and what the future holds. Find out about the latest tests, trials and roll-outs, monetisation strategies, technology innovations and source innovative partners who will change your business– all under one roof!

Global CSPs have generally failed to monetize the 3G and 4G cycles due to a lack of pricing power. With 5G, telcos will have for the first time in years the chance to change this course of things. Network Slicing means significant potential for CSPs to exert higher pricing power.

In contrast to the pre-5G era, distinguished by the OTT dominance, 5G will allow telcos to sell "slices" of the network customized for specific end applications such as Autonomous Cars, V.R., public safety and others. This is a fundamental shift away from net neutrality-based economics and has the potential to create completely new ways of generating revenues from data services.

Anritsu can serve these 5G verticals giving CSPs the opportunity of reselling Advanced Analytics to their Enterprise customers, thus enabling them not only to implement business critical SLAs but also to check the compliance status of those agreed upon SLAs

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