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X線検査機 医薬品向け - X-ray Inspection System For Pharmaceutical Products

X-ray Inspection System

For Pharmaceutical products (maximum height: 30 mm)
This product has been discontinued

Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System (Maximum height: 30 mm) is capable of identifying missing or chipped tablets and sealing faults (product trapped within the seal area). The Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System penetrates foil to uncover critical product faults that otherwise can pass through undetected and reach consumers.

X-ray Product Top PageX-ray Product Top Page

Suitable for pharmaceutical products that cannot be inspected by conventional means.

Application size: Width: max. 100 mm, Height: max. 30 mm, Length: max.230 mm (Width of 160 mm is available as an option.)

External Dimensions
[Model] KD7490LYN
External Dimensions
Application size 1
Width: max. 100 mm, Height: max. 30 mm, Length: max.230 mm
X-ray leakage: Max 1μSv/h or less, Prevention of x-ray leakage by safety devices
15-inch color TFT LCD (unified image monitoring screen and operation screen)
Operation method
Touch panel (with buzzer)
Preset memory
Maximum 100
Belt speed 2
Maximum product weight 3
10 to 40 m/min, Maximum 0.5 kg
Power requirement 4
100 to 120 Vac, or 200 to 240 Vac, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 300 VA
160 kg
Environmental conditions
Temperature 10 to 30℃, relative humidity 30 to 85%, air pressure 700 to 1060 hPa, non-condensing
Protection class
Stainless steel (SUS304)

1: Width of 160 mm is available as an option. 2: Variable depending on Product No. 3: Sum total of product weight on the conveyor. 4: Allowable power fluctuation range is ± 10%. Note: Noise level does not exceed 70 dB(A).

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