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X線検査機 ロングライフモデル XR75シリーズ - X-ray Inspection System Long Life XR75 series

X-ray Inspection System

Long life model[XR75 series]
This product has been discontinued
Anritsu x-ray systems provide missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check, etc. The XR75 Long Life offers highest performance with lowest cost of ownership.

The XR75 makes x-ray inspection more affordable to purchase, own and operate.

Introducing Anritsu's Advanced Long Life Technology

The highly engineered high sensitivity x-ray generator and sensor provide outstanding sensitivity at lower energy levels. The result is superior performance, extended life of cycles and reduced true cost of ownership. The low output x-ray generator reduces heat generation, eliminating the need for cooling system, resulting a 30% reduction in power consumption.

*1) Comparison with conventional models with air-conditioner. *2) It is the estimated value by Anritsu and may vary depending on the usage condition of machines.

ALL:Anritsu's Advanced Long Life Technology

Easy to Operate

<Simple step-by-step product setup> Product Registration Navigation simplifies parameter setting procedures with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

Product Registration Navigation

<Easy to adjust sensitivity> An x-ray processed image and a projection monitor on which detection signals are shown graphically are spotted vertically on the screen. The detection limit value can be easily adjusted.

A projection monitor

Simple Maintenance

No tools are required for removing/attaching the conveyor belts and rollers including the front cover and x-ray leakage prevention curtains.

The conveyor belts

The system's angled surfaces prevent water from accumulating after system cleaning.

The system's angled surfaces
X-ray Product Top PageX-ray Product Top Page

The XR75 makes x-ray inspection more affordable to purchase, own and operate.

  • For dry/wet products
  • Protection class: IP66
  • X-ray output: Low power (max.100W)
Detection areas

A variety of models is available for a wide range of products. For details of detection areas, please submit an online inquiry form.

Detection area
検査可能範囲 - Detection Areas
検査可能範囲 - Detection Areas
External Dimensions

[Example model] Pass width: 300 mm, Pass height: 80 mm (KXS7522AWCLE)

External Dimensions
X-ray output
Tube voltage 30 to 80 kV, tube current 0.4 to 3.3 mA, output 12 to 100 W
X-ray leakage maximum 1.0 μSv/h or less, prevention of x-ray leakage by safety devices
15-inch color TFT LCD
Operation method
Touch panel (with touch buzzer)
Product size 1, 2
Maximum width 240 mm, maximum height 120 mm
Belt width
270 mm
Preset memory
Belt speed 3 /Maximum product weight 4
10 to 60 m/min maximum 5 kg
60 to 90 m/min maximum 2 kg
0 to 40 m/min maximum 10 kg (optional)
Power requirements 5
100 to 240 AC, single phase, 50/60Hz、700 VA or less (standard)
Mass 6
225 kg
Environmental conditions 7
Temperature: 0o to 35oC, Relative humidity: 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class
Conveyor IP66, other parts IP40
Stainless steel (SUS304)
1: The detectable area is shown above. 2: The entrance and exit may require covers depending on the length of a product. 3: Variable depending on Product No. 4: Sum total of product weight on the conveyor. 5: Allowable power fluctuation range in ±10%. 6: Mass without option 7: Belt speed and maximum product weight are restricted at the temperature between 30℃ and 35℃.

New X-ray inspection system "XR75"
This video introduces A.L.L. technology and advanced operability for the long life model, the XR75 x-ray inspection system.

XR75 TCO (A.L.L.) Technology Introduction

XR75 TCO (A.L.L.) Technology Introduction
Introduction of Anritsu's A.L.L. technology which significantly lowers Total Cost of Ownership of X-ray Inspection System.


X-ray inspection system for bulk flow
Contaminants can be detected at high sensitivity by feeding products in bulk before packaging as compared to feeding them after packaging.

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