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Large model [XR75 series]

X-ray Inspection System

Large model [XR75 series]
This product has been discontinued

For products in large cartons, cases and bags.
Suitable for the inspection of raw materials in receiving process as well as products in shipment process.

Product size: Maximum width 590 mm, maximum height 250 mm (Pass height of 350 mm is available as an option.)

Detection Areas

A variety of models is available for a wide range of products. For details of detection areas, please submit an online inquiry form.

Detection area
Detection area (KXS7554AWHSE/AWHSG)
For Packaged Products
External Dimensions

[Example model] Maximum width: 590 mm, Maximum height: 250 mm(KXS7554AWHSE)

External Dimensions (KXS7554AWHSE)
Detection sensitivity1
Fe sphere and SUS sphere 0.4 mm dia.
X-ray output
Tube voltage 30 to 80 kV, tube current 0.4 to 10.0 mA, output 350 W
X-ray leakage maximum 1.0 μ Sv/h or less, prevention of x-ray leakage by safety devices
15-inch color TFT LCD
Operation method
Touch panel (with touch buzzer)
Detection area2, 3
Maximum width 590 mm, maximum height 250 mm (Pass height of 350 mm is available as an option.)
Belt width
620 mm
Preset memory
Belt speed / Maximum product weight4
Dry environment
10 to 30 m/min maximum 50 kg
31 to 40 m/min maximum 40 kg
20 to 70 m/min maximum 20 kg (optional)
Wet environment where water or oil is scattered on the conveyor
10 to 30 m/min maximum 40 kg
31 to 35 m/min maximum 30 kg
36 to 40 m/min maximum 20 kg
20 to 60 m/min maximum 20 kg (optional)
61 to 70 m/min maximum 10 kg (optional)
Power requirements
100 Vac to 120 Vac ±10% or 200 Vac to 240 Vac ±10% (However, switch the tap of a transformer), single phase, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 kVA (1.9 kVA with optional air conditioner), rush current 70 A (typ.) (40 ms or less)
480 kg (525 kg with optional air conditioner)
Environmental conditions6, 7
Temperature: 0°C to 35°C (0°C to 40°C with optional air conditioner), relative humidity: 30% to 85%, non-condensing
Protection class
Conveyor: IP66 Other parts: IP40
Stainless steel (SUS304)
1: Actual sensitivity depends on the physical properties of products (contents and shape) and on the environmental conditions.
2: The product size should fall bellow the detection area.
3: The entrance and exit may require covers depending on the length of a product.
4: Sum total of product weight on the conveyor.
5: Mass without option.
6: The air-conditioner option may be required depending on the operating environment.
7: The air conditioner can be used without a filter (standard); however, the filter option is recommended for use in dusty environment. When using the filter option, the temperature range in the operating environment of the x-ray system is limited.
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