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オートチェッカ(重量選別機)スタンディング品向け - Checkweigher for Standing Products


For Standing Products
This product has been discontinued
Checkweighers for standing products contribute to reliable production of food products, pharmaceuticals and other products. Metal detection-combined model is available.

Product lineup for tall product solutions.

For Cartons

The checkweigher combined with metal detector satisfies diverse needs in production lines for carton milk, juice, and liquor.

Checkweigher for Cartons

For Dessert

Detects metal contaminants while reducing the effect of aluminum top seals often used for dessert containers.

Dessert containers
Checkweigher for Dessert

Side belt-mounted type for General Purpose

Equipped with angle adjustment mechanism to handle bottles and other increasingly diverse products. The checkweigher and the metal detector are integrated in one system for space and cost saving solutions.

Checkweigher : Side belt-mounted type

Product lineup for tall product solutions.

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