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Promotion of Social Contribution Activities


Basic Concept

Anritsu contributes to society through its business operations while at the same time pursuing activities that benefit the development of the local community as a corporate citizen.

Community-based social contribution programs are at the center of these initiatives under the three pillars of “partnerships for educating youth”, “contributing to local communities” and “protecting the environment (biodiversity conservation)”, we carry out activities that our employees can participate in continuously.

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Partnerships for Educating Youth

Kanagawa Science Summer Sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture

Anritsu participated in the 15th “Kanagawa Science Summer” event organized by Kanagawa Prefecture. Our theme of the program “Let’s Make a Radio Together” is mainly “Environment” and “Manufacture”, designed to familiarize children with wireless technology through creating a radio and lecture the importance of saving the environment. The one-day event was held at Anritsu Corp. headquarters during the children’s summer vacation and attended by 36 participants comprising 18 Kanagawa Prefecture elementary school children each paired with a parent.

Kanagawa Science Summer

Contributing to Local Communities

Donations to Charity Organizations

Anritsu EMEA Ltd. (U.K.) organized the “Christmas Appeal” for donating food during the Christmas season, when employees purchase additional items in their daily shopping and then donate the extra ones to those in special need. The donations are made through the Luton Foodbank, a charitable organization established in 2013 to serve the community by enlisting volunteers to provide food to people suffering from poverty.

In addition, employees purchase chocolate Easter eggs during the Anritsu Easter Campaign and donate them to children at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

Donations to charity organizations

Protecting the Environment (Biodiversity Conservation)

Mt. Fuji Green Fund Afforestation Campaign

Since 2006, Anritsu has been participating in the Mt. Fuji Green Fund afforestation activities at the invitation of Ricoh leasing Co., Ltd. This year, we pruned the branches of Japanese cypress trees, which had grown to three to four meters high, and repaired the deer fencing that had been installed to protect the forest.

The activity is part of a grand, 80-year-long effort launched in 2000 for regenerating forests destroyed by a typhoon in 1996.

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