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Service to Customers


Basic Concept and Policies

envision : ensure

Anritsu envisions itself as an essential company for customers around the world by ensuring the ongoing provision of innovative products and services that respond to constant change.

Toward realizing “envision : ensure,” Anritsu set its customer satisfaction goal for 2020 as becoming a brand that enjoys the continued trust and preference of customers in all countries and regions. We continue to pursue this goal by sharing business targets and value with customers across the world and providing unique products and services that meet their needs.

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Customer Satisfaction (CS) Promotion Framework

Our mid-term CS management plan emphasizes strengthening our contacts with customers. By enhancing connectivity with customers at our sales and marketing or maintenance service sections or on our website, we seek to more precisely capture customer needs and thereby make better use of our strengths in technological aptitude and sincerity to attain even deeper trust from customers.

Our CS measures are deliberated, implemented and assessed under the leadership of the CS Committee, made up of representatives from each business division.

Customer Satisfaction (CS) Promotion Framework

Global Customer Service Activities

The Test and Measurement Business offers solutions to customers around the world through a network of sales bases in 19 countries. We also maintain 14 service centers in 12 countries to offer a variety of services so that our customers can use our products reliably.

The PQA* Business has 4 Group companies in 4 countries and its maintenance network, including agents, now covers 54 countries. We provide reliable maintenance services to customers around the world.

Anritsu redesigned its website in fiscal 2015 by integrating the websites of our domestic and overseas Group companies. Now our customers can more easily find their Anritsu contacts without having to determine which website contains the contact information or department. We will seek further enhancements to customer usability in fiscal 2016.

*Products Quality Assurance

Quality Management

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