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Human Resource Development


Basic Concept

Anritsu believes in the importance of being an organization in which employees feel they are contributing to society and growing while being vibrant and actively achieving the company’s goals. With this belief, we constantly strive to create a workplace in which employees can grow through their work.

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Education/Training System

Anritsu Corporation focuses on on-the-job training as a framework for supporting every employee in identifying the areas of work that are in line with their individual interests and developing the skills that enable them to realize their aspirations. Programs that are shared among all Anritsu Group companies in Japan include new recruit orientation, training by organizational level, correspondence courses and language studies, which all support the professional development of every Group employee.

Education/Training System

Education/Training System Global Human Resource Development

Anritsu is working to expand its business overseas, primarily in the area of test and measurement. Developing human resources capable of leading these overseas businesses represents a key challenge for achieving growth in the coming years.

In developing global human resources, we think it is particularly important to raise the level of language proficiency and build on that foundation by strengthening our communication skills with non-Japanese people.

Onsite training
Final presentation by interns


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