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CSR Management

CSR Promotion System

In November 2004, we set up a CSR Promotion Committee, chaired by the president, and we have been promoting CSR activities under the direct leadership of top management. We also organized the CSR Promotion Center as a dedicated department to encourage unified activities across a broad array of departments. Since April 2016, we have been working under a new system in which issues related to CSR (ESG) are deliberated by the Management Strategy Conference as key management concerns. Under the current system, the CSR・CS Promotion Team within the Corporate Communication Department is responsible for promoting Anritsu’s CSR activities in line with the policies of the Management Strategy Conference. CSR cannot be fulfilled by the efforts of any single department or organization. To effectively implement our activities, Anritsu Corporation’s departments in charge of individual CSR fields, including customer satisfaction, quality, human rights and social contribution, lead activities through cross-sectional cooperation across Group companies. The CSR・CS Promotion Team serves as the secretariat. We identify and analyze the current situation of individual areas from a CSR perspective and strive to address issues of improvement for the future of Anritsu.

CSR Promotion System
CSR Promotion System

Promotion of Global CSR

To promote CSR activities on a global scale and deepen communication with our stakeholders across the world, the Anritsu Group is exchanging information internally based on a regional system and annual schedule. Each year, regional staff report to the Head Office CSR and CS Promotion Team on the ten items listed at right.

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CSR Results for Fiscal 2015, CSR Objectives for Fiscal 2016 (PDF)

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