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Communication with Stakeholders


Anritsu establishes partnerships by pro-actively disclosing information and dialoguing with stakeholders throughout its business activities.



We participate in trade shows in order to introduce Anritsu products to our customers and many other stakeholders.

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●Mobile World Congress 2016

We participated in Mobile World Congress 2016, one of the world’s largest trade shows for mobile communications technology, which was held in February 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. Services and technologies related to Internet of Things (IoT) attracted significant interest at the event, and Anritsu showcased its technologies centered on IoT, 5G and LTE-A.

The event attracted 101,000 visitors from 204 countries, far more than the 93,000 visitors from 200 countries who came in 2015. This year’s theme was “Mobile is Everything,” and the event featured solutions related to IoT and virtual reality. Anritsu divided its booth into five sections to introduce the latest solutions for IoT, 5G, LTE-A, Service Assurance and I&M (installation and maintenance).

We will continue contributing to the development of mobile broadband services by remaining the first to provide the most advanced technologies.

Mobile World Congress 2016

Shareholders and Investors

We are proactively disclosing information and encouraging interactive communication to more effectively meet the needs of shareholders and investors and applying their feedback to improve our business and IR activities.

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●Disclosure Policy

We are proactively disclosing information and encouraging interactive communication to build an important relationship with shareholders and investors and applying their feedback to improve our business and IR activities.

Action policy
  1. Anritsu will disclose accurate information
    • in clear and plain speech
    • actively with timely and promptness; and
    • broadly with equality
  2. Anritsu will place a strict control on information management and strive to prevent insider trading.

●System for Investor Relation Activities

Anritsu seeks to obtain an appropriate assessment of its corporate value through communication with shareholders and investors while striving to achieve higher shareholder satisfaction by enhancing corporate value and delivering returns to shareholders. To this end, we carry out IR activities under the leadership of the IR Department. Comments by shareholders and investors are shared with our Information Disclosure Committee, which includes members of management, and at the IR Promotion Meeting, along with information on the participation of those responsible for IR activities in the Management Strategy Center, Accounting and Control Department and Legal Department. The feedback is also used for improving information disclosure and business activities.

●Recognition by External Organizations

Anritsu ranked 21st in the Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking of the “Top 100 companies in Asia with the highest sustainability performance.”

The ranking is produced by Channel NewsAsia, a leading English-language media group based in Singapore; Sustainalytics, an ESG assessment institution; and CSR Asia. The list represents the top 100 sustainable companies chosen from over 1,200 companies in 11 Asian economies, based on a broad perspective on ESG (environmental, social and governance). We will continue to engage in ESG initiatives and actively disclose information to contribute to addressing social issues and enhancing corporate value.

Business Partners

Strengthening trust with business partners is vital to achieving mutual growth. We value forging even stronger partnerships involving the participation of our business partners in meeting society’s expectations and needs through the operations of the entire supply chain.

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●Business Partner Gathering

On January 20, 2016 we hosted a business partner gathering that drew 294 representatives of 148 Anritsu business partners including overseas companies. We presented Anritsu’s strengths and vision for the future as well as the business opportunities emerging through social innovations, such as IoT and 5G. We also laid out our global procurement system and called for an even stronger partnership. Our most valued business partners were awarded with a certificate of gratitude, a plaque and commemorative gifts.

Business Partner Gathering

NGOs and NPOs

The Anritsu Group continues to support children from the Koriyama and Fukushima area of Fukushima Prefecture in cooperation with the public interest incorporated association Save the Children Japan. In fiscal 2015, we organized a program for children with disabilities or who have little access to support, such as those who attend alternative schools or use maternal and child care facilities. We offered the children an opportunity to experience nature and play outdoors. A total of 14 employees participated as volunteers in 8 programs from July to November. Their assistance enabled the children to play freely in places such as the Moniwa Play Park adventure playground surrounded by greenery in the outskirts of Fukushima City.

The program aims to address the declining frequency of children’s outdoor play since the Great East Japan Earthquake, particularly in Fukushima Prefecture, by providing a time and place for them to enjoy the normal childhood experience of being out in a natural environment with comparatively low radiation levels.

We will continue to contribute to society through collaborations with international NGOs and NPOs.

Providing outdoor recreation for preschool children in Fukushima
©Save the Children Japan

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The increasing globalization of our businesses and diversification of work styles have raised the importance of respecting human rights and promoting diversity. Moreover, from the perspectives of recruiting human resources and revitalizing internal communications, we are emphasizing systems and workplace environments that allow diverse groups of personnel to work in comfort.

As part of these efforts, the Anritsu Group conducted an employee satisfaction survey in the U.S., the Asia-Pacific region and Japan. The survey gathered employee responses on issues such as how well they understood the direction of the company, its efforts in various programs, workplace communication, and their general sense of fulfillment at work. The results were reported to each division and incorporated into daily operations.

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●Photo Exhibition of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Many people continue to face hardships caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Anritsu Group also felt the impact of the disaster through damage to Tohoku Anritsu Co., Ltd. and the Koriyama Business Office of Anritsu Corporation. Five years later, in March 2016, we held a photo exhibition at the Global Headquarters Building to look back on those days and prevent the memories from fading away. All visitors to the company were welcomed to view the exhibition.

The exhibition was composed of photographs taken by Masayoshi Tokita, a photojournalist and former Anritsu employee, and in-house records compiled for the company newsletter. About 30 photographs of each region in Tohoku were on display, either conveying the extent of the damage and tragedy of the disaster seeking repose for the victims’ souls. We also exhibited actual equipment that had been used outside the company for reconstruction and support activities.


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