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Message from the Top Management

Message from the Top Management
Hirokazu Hamada
Representative Director
President of Anritsu
President of Measurement Business Group
Hirokazu Hashimoto
Representative Director
Chairman of the Board
Group CEO
Masumi Niimi
Senior Vice President
President of PQA Business Group
President of Anritsu Infivis Co.,Ltd.

How Anritsu will Achieve
“Continuous Growth with Sustainable Superior Profits”

The Anritsu Group is expanding its Test and Measurement business and PQA (Products Quality Assurance) business globally.

In the Test and Measurement business, we have steadily built a track record of success as a leading test and measurement company providing innovations to next-generation network society, from advances in mobile communications technologies to the 5G and IoT sectors. Moreover, in the PQA business, we have grasped the globally growing needs for quality assurance to support safety and security of food and medicines.

In the Anritsu Integrated Reporting, we’d like to present our management restructuring plan and other measures during fiscal 2016, our business strategies to achieve the 2020 VISION plan, an evaluation of the effectiveness of our corporate governance, and growth strategies for all of our businesses.

Anritsu Integrated Reporting (July 2017 at present)

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