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Anritsu's comprehensive OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) range ensures fast and highly accurate measurements of optical fiber cables with a unique range of handheld, benchtop, and OEM module solutions.

Experts in fibre testing Anritsu's range includes the unique Coherent OTDR for testing submarine cables up to 12,000 km and the uOTDR, with performance that rivals traditional OTDRs that are four times the size and more than double the price.


Selection Guide

OTDR Solutions




- 100G Multirate Module
- 10G Multirate Module
- OTDR Module
- CPRI RF Module
Smart All-in-one Optical and Data Measurements


MT9085 Series

This all-in-one compact handheld tester supports optical pulse tests, optical power/loss measurements, and fiber end-face inspections.

It has a wide variety of applications, ranging from installation and maintenance (I&M) of trunk fibers (Core, Metro, Mobile Fronthaul, Mobile Backhaul) to troubleshooting Access networks, such as breaks in drop cables.

Coherent OTDR MW90010A


Coherent OTDR for detecting faults in very long submarine cables (up to 12,000 km) with high measurement resolution of 10 m

Network Master MT9090A


The new, palm-size MT9090A modular platform from Anritsu finally addresses all of these needs. Users can interchange different modules to configure the MT9090A as an optical fault locator, general purpose OTDR, CWDM optical channel analyzer or 10/100/1000MB Ethernet tester. Operation is quite similar between modules so the user is immediately familiar with operation.

Card OTDR MW9087B/D


Compact OTDR modules optimized for monitoring optical fiber networks

OTDR Module MW9077A/A1/A2/B


Compact (smaller than A5) OTDR modules optimized for monitoring optical fiber networks

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