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Remote Monitoring Mission Critical Positive Train Control Networks

Positive Train Control (PTC) is an advanced communications system to minimize train accidents by automatically controlling train activity. This includes real-time monitoring of static and dynamic conditions that require the train to slow or stop. Clifton Weiss & Associates, Inc. (CWA) was retained as professional consulting engineers to conduct a 3-year study of interfering RF signals on an actively operating Northeast commuter railway. The Case Study talks about and discusses the challenges and solutions.

Case Study pdf 1.7 MB Version: A 25/09/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710xA Maintenance Manual

This manual provides maintenance instructions for Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor, Models MS27101A, MS27102A and MS27103A.

Maintenance Manual pdf 2.2 MB Version: D 30/08/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitoring System Help Introduction

This documentation provides a description of the Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710xA software. It describes the graphical user interface, provides a how-to chapter to set up measurements, discusses SCPI programing, and covers a lists of SCPI programming commands.

Online Help System htm 184.6 KB Version: E 29/06/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitor Declaration of Conformity

The Remote Spectrum Monitor Declaration of Conformity is a special document issued by Anritsu to state that the product meets all of the applicable legislation and European directives.

Datasheet pdf 24.4 KB Version: A 9/06/2017

C-RAN in the City Poster

This poster features a C-RAN cityscape with highlighting C-RAN network elements in a typical urban environment and the products that support them.

Instruction Sheet pdf 28.6 MB Version: B 6/06/2017

Electronic Measuring Instruments (EMI) Digest

This digest is a short form catalog of Anritsu's test and measurement product offerings. Download to get a quick overview of the best of Anritsu.

Catalog pdf 2.2 MB Version: 2017 31/05/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27103A Technical Data Sheet

The MS27103A provides 12 RF Input ports as a standard configuration (24 RF Input ports are available with Option 424). This model is typically used with three or six sector BTS architectures, with multiple carriers per sector. A high speed switch is placed in the monitor to provide measurement capability for each RF input. A greater than 30 dB isolation is provided between each RF Input port to assure the integrity of the measurement.

Datasheet pdf 2.2 MB Version: F 5/05/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710xA User Guide

Download the complete user guide for the MS2710xA family of Remote Spectrum Monitors. Chapters include Graphical User Interface, How to, and Programming with SCPI.

User Guide pdf 2.5 MB Version: E 5/05/2017

Vision Software MX280001A User Guide

Vision software is also provided as an option for all spectrum monitor models. Vision works with the monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network heath and use of the spectrum. Vision is composed of two components responsible for monitoring and locating interference signals, called Vision Monitor (option 400) and Vision Locate (option 401). Vision Monitor automatically records spectrum data, maintains a searchable spectrum history database, enables alarm functions for unusual signal activity and provides a set of tools for managing the spectrum monitoring system. Vision Locate provides the capability to geo-locate interference or illegal/unlicensed signals. To properly locate signal positions, three or more monitors must be used.

Download this user guide for instructions on the use of Vision Remote Spectrum Monitor software

User Guide pdf 5.6 MB Version: D 5/05/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitors MS2710xA Configuration Quick Start Guide

To communicate with the MS2710xA Remote Spectrum Monitor or to change its IP configuration, a PC must be correctly set up to communicate with the instrument via a direct connection using a static IP. The sections in this guide explain using:

– a Windows PC to directly communicate with the Anritsu spectrum monitor
– SCPI commands for configuring the Ethernet and DNS settings
– the Anritsu Windows network discovery tool to find the instrument IP address

Quick Start Guide pdf 1.1 MB Version: C 5/05/2017

Vision Remote Spectrum Monitor Software MX280001A Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide provides the installation instructions and exercises that illustrate the use of Vision Remote Spectrum Monitor Software.

Quick Start Guide pdf 3.7 MB Version: C 5/05/2017

Vision Software MX280001A API Programming Manual

This documentation provides a description of the Anritsu’s Remote Spectrum Monitor (RSM) and Vision Software API’s. It describes the graphical user interface, provides a how-to chapter to set up measurements, discusses API programing, and covers a lists of API programming commands. API's are presented both for control of Anritsu's RSM hardware product line (MS2710XA) as well as for Vision software. Most features in Vision are paid options. In order for these options to work, the RSM hardware must have these options enabled. Please see the Vision software Product Brochure and User Guide for option information.

Programming Manual pdf 2.7 MB Version: A 4/05/2017

Anritsu MS27103A Remote Spectrum Monitor — The perfect tool for satellite signal monitoring

The MS27103A is ideal for satellite operators and broadcasters who need to rely on clear communication channels to ensure optimal performance. A typical earth station will consist of many satellite dishes, all of which need to be monitored in real time. The MS27103A multiport remote spectrum monitor enables the spectrum of each satellite uplink or downlink to be monitored for spectral purity and the presence of interferers. Alarms can be automatically triggered on detection of unwanted interferers that would degrade the signal integrity.

Leaflet pdf 566.8 KB Version: B 14/03/2017

Anritsu MS27103A Remote Spectrum Monitor — The perfect tool for cellular spectrum assurance

Interference mitigation of cellular networks is a top priority for optimizing networks and maximizing revenue for cellular network operators. The MS27103A provides spectrum assurance with all applications being accessed and controlled remotely. Interference and unusual signal activity can be monitored and recorded, threshold alarms can be set and signals of interest geo-located. With the Anritsu spectrum monitoring system, your spectrum investment is protected.

Leaflet pdf 483.3 KB Version: B 14/03/2017

SpectraVision Software MX280010A Product Brochure

SpectraVision is a suite of software options and tools used with Anritsu’s MS2710XA product line of spectrum monitors. SpectraVision is a highly modular software system covering the entire frequency range of Anritsu’s Remote Spectrum Monitors. Various features incorporated into the software allow users to quickly perform automated analyses of the frequency spectrum, record measurements and generate optional reports detailing signal quality and performance characteristics.

Brochure pdf 3.1 MB Version: A 14/03/2017

Vision Software MX280001A Product Brochure

The Vision™ software platform works with Anritsu’s spectrum monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network health and use of the spectrum. Using multiple hardware probes covering a wide geographical area, Vision presents a comprehensive picture of spectral activity to assist users in monitoring the spectrum for unusual activity. Figure 2 shows a typical signal monitoring system with Anritsu spectrum monitors positioned for maximum coverage.

Brochure pdf 7.2 MB Version: C 14/03/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27103A Product Brochure

Capable of sweeping at rates up to 24 GHz/s, the MS27103A allows capture of many types of signals. This includes periodic or transient transmissions as well as short “bursty” signals. Also featured is a high dynamic range, high sensitivity and low spurious signals. This enables the MS27103A to reliably distinguish between low-level signals being observed and those signals generated by the monitor itself.

Brochure pdf 2.8 MB Version: C 14/03/2017

SpectraVision Software MX280010A User Guide

This user guide describes the software functions and working instructions of the SpectraVision software. Based on an efficient, proven client-server principle, the software architecture allows for shared devices (instruments) and remote services. SpectraVision software works only with Anritsu's product line of remote Spectrum Monitors (Models MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27102A and MS27103A).

User Guide pdf 4.1 MB Version: A 14/03/2017

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) is a technique for geo-locating RF sources. It requires three or more remote receivers (probes) capable of detecting the signal of interest. Each probe is synchronized in time to capture corresponding I/Q data blocks. Software shifts the time signature of each I/Q data set to find the difference in the arrival time at each probe. This gives the difference in the distance of the source from each set of probes. Using several probes provides a set of curved lines that indicate solutions to the distance equations. The actual RF source sits at the intersection of these lines.

TDOA can provide a very accurate location estimate (< 100 m) in a short period of time. To successfully use TDOA it is essential to understand the type of signals that can be used, how the results depend on the geometry of the measurement (probe and source locations), what the sources of uncertainty are and how to mitigate them, and how to know if the answer is meaningful.

Application Note pdf 1.8 MB Version: C 3/02/2017

Remote Spectrum Monitors MS2710xA Product Information, Compliance, and Safety

This guide provides important notices, warranty, safety, and regulatory compliance information for the Anritsu MS2710xA series remote spectrum monitors. The MS2710xA spectrum monitors provide high performance real-time monitoring of the radio spectrum via a remote Ethernet connection.

Datasheet pdf 1.3 MB Version: C 30/09/2016

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Firmware Revision History for the MS2710xA

Firmware Revision History for the MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27102A, and MS27103A Spectrum Monitors.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 68.7 KB Version: 2017.8.1 11/09/2017

Firmware Update for the Remote Spectrum Monitor MS2710xA

Download the latest firmware for the Anritsu Remote Spectrum Monitor models MS27100A, MS27101A, MS27103A, and MS27103A.

Legacy Firmware Releases
Version 1.11
Version 2016.7.1
Version 2016.11.2
Version 2017.3.5

Drivers, Software Downloads tar 48.9 MB Version: 2017.8.1 11/09/2017

Vision Software MX280001A

The Vision™ software platform works with Anritsu’s spectrum monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network health and use of the spectrum. Applications for Vision include accumulating historical spectral data to inform spectrum policy, satellite reception interference detection and monitoring for illegal use of spectrum. Once an interference signal is identified, Vision uses various algorithms to geo-locate the position of the signal of interest.

Drivers, Software Downloads msi 196.1 MB Version: 2017.5.1 9/05/2017

Vision Software MX280001A Release History

Download this document for the Vision Software release history.

The Vision™ software platform works with Anritsu’s spectrum monitoring hardware to automate the process of collecting measurement data, providing useful information about network health and use of the spectrum.

Drivers, Software Downloads htm 11.0 KB Version: 2017.5.1 9/05/2017

MS2710xA Legacy Firmware v2017.3.5

MS2710xA Legacy Firmware v2017.3.5

Legacy Firmware Releases
Version 1.11
Version 2016.7.1
Version 2016.11.2

Drivers, Software Downloads tar 46.9 MB Version: 2017.3.5 19/04/2017

Ethernet Discovery Program

The software searches the Ethernet system for all attached devices. The IP address of the MS2710xA can be discovered in this manner.

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 31.4 MB Version: 1 8/09/2015

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