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MT1040A—Telecom World's Smallest 400G Network Tester


The Network Master Pro MT1040A is a portable tester for 400G Ethernet networks utilized in hyper and Colocation data centers. However, 400G Ethernet Core and Metro networks are evolving to meet the demands of mobile edge and cloud computing deployments as 5G and IoT applications become more widespread. The MT1040A eases the burden of 400G Ethernet testing for all these applications.

  • Small: MT1040A Measurement Interface
    Telecom world's smallest dual-port capable portable 400G tester supporting speeds from 10M to 400G with direct QSFP-DD and OSFP module installation
  • Flexible: All-in-one tester for On-site Measurements  New release coming soon: 400G Dual Port Tester
    Adding OTDR module option supports field tests or 400G dual-port laboratory test applications
  • Powerful: Extensive or All-inclusive 400G Network Evaluation
    Displays 400G FEC-corrected symbol errors as histogram; single-button operation from setting parameters to displaying results helps improve on-site test efficiency
[Video] 400 Network Master Pro MT1040A–60 s with background music
This short video introduces the features of the 400G Network Master Pro MT1040A.

Small: MT1040A Measurement Interface

With a large, 9-inch touch-panel screen in a small, portable case, the MT1040A is ideal for on-site measurements. Direct plug-in of an Optical module, Direct Attached or Active Optic Cable in the measurement interface supports speeds from 10M to 400G. In addition, both QFSP-DD and OSFP modules can be selected as the 400G Ethernet interface.


QSFP-DD*1 400GbE - - - -
OSFP*1 400GbE        
QSFP28 100GbE OTU4 - - -
QSFP+ 40GbE OTU3x - - -
SFP28/SFP+/SFP 25GbE/10GbE/GbE OTU2x/OTU1x CPRI 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10
OBSAI 1x/2x/4x/8x
STM1 to 64
OC-3 to 192
1 to 16G FC
RJ45 10/100/1000M - - - -
*1 Select interface

Flexible: All-in-one tester for On-site Measurements  New release coming soon: 400G Dual Port Tester

Easy expandability to two stacked modules*1 assures a wide application from equipment tests in laboratories to service installation and maintenance (I&M). Measurement of existing networks in addition to 400G, such as 10M to 100G Ethernet, OTN, SDH/SONET, eCPRI/CPRI, fibre channel, etc., is also supported.

MT1040A, All-in-One, Dual Port Measurement at One Screen

*2: New release coming soon

As well as supporting these 400G modules, installing the OTDR module and Video Inspection Probe incorporating a rubidium oscillator in the MT1040A supports optical line maintenance tests, which eliminates the need to carry several different instruments on-site and lightens the engineer's work burden.

External Appearance Module Name
MT1040A_400G_Module 400G Multirate Module
MT1040A_OTDR_Module OTDR Module

Video Inspection Probe

Installing two 400G modules simultaneously enables two 400G client lines on one unit.

End-to-End BER Measurement
Throughput Measurement
Latency Measurement
Packet Jitter Measurement
FEC Evaluation
LFS Evaluation

synchronizing two MT1040A units supports evaluation of 400G devices on client lines and in the laboratory.

These features make the MT1040A ideal for tests in various measurement environments.

Powerful: Extensive or All-inclusive 400G Network Evaluation

Achieving 400Gbps while maintaining signal quality requires use of forward error correction (FEC).
FEC is a technology whereby the packet itself corrects any errors that might occur and it is used to achieve high-reliability communications. However, FEC is not an omnipotent technology that corrects every error. If there are too many FEC corrections, the network performance will degrade. Consequently, the FEC frequency should be confirmed not only at the same time as the latency and throughput measurements during network installation but also during normal operation.
The MT1040A has a built-in function for the measuring the FEC status in real-time.


Using this function, operation problems can be prevented proactively by pre-confirming network error trouble spots.
Moreover, tests can also be implemented using two 400G modules installed in one MT1040A unit to evaluate optical transceiver, DAC/AOC, etc., quality prior to starting live operation.

Easy and Efficient On-site Tests

Field engineers range in experience from veteran professionals to complete novices. During on-site testing they set the measuring instruments and make connections according to the operation manual, sometimes with varying results based on experience. To solve this issue, the MT1040A has a built-in SEEK function that performs tests in accordance with the contents of the operation manual. Using SEEK, the MT1040A itself automatically sets the parameters, makes the measurement, saves the results, and performs the Pass/Fail evaluation to assure efficient work and consistent results. Click the following link for details.

More Efficient I&M Case 1

Efficient I&M via Remote Operation

Instead of using large data centers (DC), small Metro DC in city buildings are being operated increasingly as a single virtual DC by forming a mesh network. This type of Metro DC does not require a large building footprint and can be built for a relatively low cost in cities.

Change in Data Center Configuration and Scale

Network Master Pro MT1040A Details

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