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Solution Map of Channel Emulation

Customer/Ecosystem Cloud

The convergence of the global mobile industry on a single standard for 4G—LTE—has created a cohesive ecosystem and unleashed an unprecedented wave of technology innovations.

Layers of Innovation:

Network LTE, Carrier Aggregation, IMS
Service HD-VoLTE, RCS
Device Octa-Core Processors, HD Displays, HEVC, WB-Audio

Challenged with technology evolution at so many layers, operators, OEMs, chipset vendors, and infrastructure suppliers are struggling to assure product and service quality and customer satisfaction.

Azimuth's solutions portfolio addresses these industry challenges, following these principles:

  • Track device performance in ways that emulate what end users will experience
  • Closely scrutinize device network interaction
  • Adopt an end-to-end approach while understanding device performance
  • Harmonize field and lab testing
  • Test effectively in the context of complex devices

Azimuth's solutions:

  • Accelerate Device Excellence: In the Lab
  • Accelerate Device Excellence: In the Field
  • LTE-Advanced Performance Test
  • Interoperability Testing

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