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Test Enablers

Azimuth offers a variety of products to enable testing:

RadioProof™ Enclosures

Azimuth's RadioProof™ family of RF enclosures provides exceptional RF isolation for testing a variety of devices (e.g., handsets, USB dongles, laptops, M2M modules, access points, etc.). These enclosures provide:

  • Exceptional isolation (up to 90 dB)
  • Wide frequency range support
  • 4×4 multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) connections
  • Filtered RJ45 Ethernet, serial, power (DC and AC), and USB connections
  • Active and passive cooling
  • A range of models to fit your testing needs

STACSIM—Static Channel Simulator

Azimuth's Static Channel Simulator (STACSIM) provides cross-path and fixed-phase shifts on a 4×4 matrix based on the commonly used Butler array, in which a signal incident at each input port provides equal amplitude signals at the N output ports. The STACSIM provides:

  • A wideband flat channel over a wide frequency range
  • A 4×4 connection with Butler phase-amplitude characteristics
  • Superior isolation

The STACSIM is available in two variants: the standard STACSIM focused around Wi-Fi frequencies, and the STACSIM-WB (wide band) that supports a wider frequency range making it ideal for Wi-Fi, LTE unlicensed, Bluetooth etc.


Amplifiers, Connectors, and Uplink Extenders (UEs)

Azimuth provides a variety of amplifiers and connector units to enable operation of a variety of test-beds under different conditions.

Amplifiers—These are helpful when working in lab environments where there are significant losses (such as when there is significant cable loss between the live feed and the device).

Connector units—These simplify the test-bed connections by eliminating the need for external circulators and isolators. The uplink extender, for instance, allows users to leverage the internal circulators and isolators of the ACE even when the ACE is being used in unidirectional mode, thereby eliminating the need for external components without using up the channels within the channel emulator.

Uplink Extender
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