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Trace Management

Trace Management
Anritsu provides trace management tools for people who deal with hundreds of Cable and Antenna analyzer traces every day. These tools will simplify your workload and make you more productive.
Model Number
Anritsu Skybridge Tools MX002001B
Anritsu SkyBridge Tools™
Cloud based trace management tool designed to simplify your life. It allows everyone involved in Tower or DAS testing to Communicate, Validate, and Deliver accurate results.
easyMap Tools
easyMap Tools
For Interference Hunters
easyTest Tools
easyTest Tools
For Cable and Antenna Analyzer Users
Handheld Code Loader
Handheld Code Loader
Firmware updates for certain older instruments are available through Anritsu's Handheld Code Loader
Handheld Software Tools
Handheld Software Tools
Handheld Software Tools is legacy software that manipulates line sweep traces from Anritsu's A, B, C, and D series Site Masters
LST Icon
Line Sweep Tools
Analyze Cable, Antenna, and PIM traces, as well as generate reports. This works with DAT, VNA, and PIM files.
MST Icon
Master Software Tools
For Spectrum Analyzer Users
Sweep Master Pro MX829000A
Sweep Master Pro
Anritsu’s web-based line sweep and tracking tool for large multi cell-site installation and maintenance projects.
Sweep Master Pro+ MX829001A
SweepMasters Pro Plus
Anritsu's enterprise level solution for efficient tracking and management of building, maintenance, and operations processes for a wireless network
Wireless Remote Tools
Wireless Remote Tools
Wireless Remote Tools software allows remote control of many of our RF handheld instruments over an Ethernet link
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