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Anritsu ME7873LA Obtains World-First PTCRB Certification for 5DL CA RF Tests


World Leader in PTCRB Certified Tests

LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) announces that its LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA has obtained world-first PTCRB certification for RF Conformance Tests of 5 Downlink Carrier Aggregation (5DL CA) forming a key LTE-Advanced technology.

The combination of ME7873LA with PTCRB-approved 5DL CA and MIMO supports downlink throughput speeds of 1 Gbps for a smooth transition to 5G (fifth generation mobile communications system) with faster and larger data transmissions, which is expected to see high market demand as 5G enters commercial service in North America and Japan from mid-2018.

PTCRB 5DL CA certification started after the April 2018 PTCRB meeting; the ME7873LA is the first and only test system to have obtained certification so far. As a result, the ME7873LA is expected to play a key role in application of 5DL CA services to start in 2018 and in bringing new terminals to market quickly.

Anritsu continues to focus on development of Conformance Test systems including LTE-Advanced to help with development of more advanced future mobile broadband services.

Product Outline

LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA
The ME7873LA is a test platform for verifying that the RF TRx characteristics, performance, etc., of LTE/LTE-Advanced terminals are in full compliance with 3GPP standards.
It is also used as an acceptance inspection test system by mobile carriers worldwide, especially in North America and Asia.

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