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Signal Generators

Devices and Components Signal Generators
Supporting a broad range of technologies, Anritsu's signal generators are ready to evaluate all aspects of modern communication systems. High performance specifications coupled with easy to use interfaces ensure best in class performance and fast, accurate measurements.
Model Number
Switching Speed
Output Level
(Single Side Band) Phase Noise
Vector Signal Generator MG3710E
Vector Signal Generator
100 kHz — 2.7 GHz
100 kHz — 4 GHz
100 kHz — 6 GHz
≤600 µs Min: -144 dBm
(with High power opt.)
Max: +30 dBm
(with low power opt.)
<-131 dBc/Hz (typ.)
(1 GHz, 20 kHz offset)
RF/Microwave Signal Generator MG3690C
RF/Microwave Signal Generator
0.1 Hz — 70 GHz
0.1 Hz — 500 GHz
5 ms Min: -120 dBm (with step attenuator)
Max: +19 dBm
(10 GHz, std)
+26 dBm (10 GHz, with high power opt.)
-108 dBc/Hz (typ.)
(40 GHz, 10 kHz offset)
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