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Duration: 00:01:12
Release Date: 29/04/2021

SSV Checkweigher & Metal Detector Combination System

The Anritsu SSV-f Checkweigher and Metal Detector combines the innovations of two vital pieces of production line equipment into one. A single control panel system streamlines the user interface, while ensuring top-of-the-line weighing accuracy and product inspection.

Transcript: SSV Checkweigher & Metal Detector Combination System

Hi, my name is Michael Ahern. I’m with Anritsu Infivis, and we’re at the ProFood Tech here in Chicago, this is the Anritsu SSV checkweigher metal detector combination system, this has all the innovations of both our checkweigher and our metal detector. The metal detectors are dual wave high accuracy metal detectors, we actually have two metal detectors in the head itself which gives us a little bit more high accuracy. One of the benefits of it is we have a very small metal-free zone near the aperture so we don’t have to worry so much about interferences near the tunnel. That also allows us to make the entire combo system smaller. We have a single user interface between the metal detector and the checkweigher again making the system smaller. We also have a tool-free belt removal where we have two clips on the system, two clips on the motor, and we’re able to pull out the belt very quickly and easily for sanitation, just pull the clip and you have complete access for sanitation, and if a maintenance person needs to replace the belt it’s very quick.

That’s it, that’s the Anritsu SSV metal detector checkweigher combo.

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