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Duration: 00:05:49
Release Date: 29/04/2021

QUICCA3 Industrial Quality Assurance Software for Anritsu Inspection Equipment

Information sharing through visualization to realize production plant potential. The introduction of QUICCA delivers quality/production analysis and visualization of production information easily at low cost. Even for plants which have already implemented or are considering the implementation of ERP and MES, it is possible to build systems focusing on the respective strengths. It collects X-ray images, number of defective/non-defective products, weight data, and specifications of packaging and filling machines. The enables analysis of weight distribution of second stage checkweigher and feedback to the first stage. Information can be displayed on various terminals such as tablets, increase work efficiency and improving productivity. Detailed information on productions lines can be obtained without being physically present at the plant, allowing to respond any calls or questions in a prompt manner. Generate various types of reports in a quick manner without specialized knowledge. Display production progress, forecast expected time of completion, and display predicted production figures.

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