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Release Date: 29/04/2021

Anritsu Inspection Solutions

Detection 360 is Anritsu's proprietary process,s designed with your bottom line in mind. In just four steps, it precisely detects risk associated with product contaminants and missing items so you can achieve higher line efficiencies while focusing on ROI, TCO, and OEE. Through this program, you will identify opportunities, receive equipment solutions tailored for your exact application, and learn how to maximize performance with your new technology to drive efficiencies. See differently and discover what you've been missing by learning more about Anritsu's combination detection systems and Detection 360 today!

Transcript: Anritsu Inspection Solutions

As a processor or manufacturer you strive to meet the challenging needs of the industry, including product safety, compliance, quality and efficiency. The success of your business depends on your ability to drive the margin to the bottom line. Meet Detection 360, our proprietary process designed with your bottom line in mind. It’s the ultimate 4-step process that will precisely detect risks associated with product contaminants and missing items to achieve higher line efficiencies while focusing or ROI, TCO and OEE, with world class analytical tools, we can capture a detailed picture of your needs, and help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking to fit within a limited space, decrease false rejects, improve quality and safety or adapt to the changing needs of your customers. Here’s how it works.

In the first step of the process, “Discover”, we begin by understanding your goals and identify opportunities. You’ll receive insights into every aspect of your production and packaging process, and how to assess risk from physical contaminants and fill packaging issues.

During the next phase, “Mapping”, we use sophisticated technology to match equipment solutions tailored for your exact application. Once your solutions are in place, our team of experts will be on site to provide you with seamless installation and streamlined integration.

In the final phase of the process “Performance”, after you have met your goals, we’re dedicated to help drive efficiencies every step of the way, we will help you to maximize the value of your system through training and maintenance programs. Detection 360 is your partner, where information turns into insight, and delivers solutions to meet your quality control goals.

Eric Brainard: “The Detection 360 process has been very beneficial to many of our customers. We’ve had multiple conversations with them during the sales process and it’s allowed us to understand their quality goals, it’s allowed us to understand if they’re looking for bones or improving metal detection. Or maybe they want to add checkweighing to a metal detection point on their production line. So through this process they’ve actually expanded operational efficiency and actually reduced their risk because they’ve had the ability to really inspect for contaminants that are more minute and also more focused.”

To precisely mirror the way you work and find the right solutions, Anritsu provides three key benefits, accuracy, reliability and best in industry. Anritsu provides the best inspection and detection solutions in the marketplace today. Anritsu equipment significantly improves detection accuracy. Ultra HD technology can detect the most minute contaminants, 0.2 millimeter diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres at production line speeds. All our x-ray systems come equipped with Anritsu’s HD imaging that can detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4mm diameter and 1mm-2mm diameter glass and stones. Our DualX system provides a large benefit within the poultry industry by reliably detecting as low as two millimeter or smaller poultry bones, including, pulley, fan and scapula.

Our auto-learn process allows users to set up within minutes and our easy-to-use operator interface reduces the need for extensive training. Best in industry x-ray detection for all contaminants from glass, stone, rubber, metal and even wire, using detection algorithms specific to your applications. Anritsu is the most accurate checkweigher solution on the market. Our solutions offer the highest accuracy in the industry, at 0.01 grams, our proprietary smart measurement function provides a versatile and flexible means to minimize false rejects and reduce product giveaway. Our SSV, safety, security and validation models, offer the highest level of reliability with the capability to handle speeds of today’s high volume production lines, and our precision engineered weighing solutions keep your products running smoothly. Our equipment is designed to work 24/7 with little or no downtime. Because we’ve been making checkweighers since 1964, we have deep insight into knowing what it takes to design and engineer best in industry solutions. Anritsu checkweighers meet or exceed global requirements, Anritsu metal detection excellence is without compromise. Accuracy is an integral part of safety and compliance. All Anritsu metal detectors run two simultaneous frequencies independent of each other to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials at the same time. You’ll minimize false rejects and see smaller contaminants. Our combination systems offer flexibility to handle a variety of functions and drive ROI by freeing up your line space while reducing your critical control points. Designed for high stability and reliable performance. In addition each system offers advanced reporting features, complete product data history, and enables easy traceability and HACCP reporting. Our best in industry design includes toolless belt removal for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning. Along with a small footprint, each machine is an ideal solution for packaged products.

Rob Tiernay: “Many customers producing packaged products use our best in class combination metal detector checkweigher, the Dual Wave technology ensuring contaminant free product while the checkweigher verifying label weight for the consumer, all combined in the smallest footprint in the industry.”

Ownership of Anritsu equipment and technology solutions are just the beginning. Meet Performa 360, a lifecycle management program designed to help you maximize your investment while giving you the tools, support and training to better see diagnose and run your products most efficiently. Including yearly inspection programs, we’ll help you meet the highest certification to comply with HACCP and reach your peak line performance. Our passion for advancing quality control with the best in industry inspection and detection technology is at the heart of our commitment to you.

“Anritsu has been a valuable partner to the OSI Group.”
What we like and appreciate from Anritsu is that they deliver on their promises of performance.”
– Larry Glaser, AVP, Director of Operations and Process Support OSI Industries LLC

It’s what you see and how you see it. See differently.

No other company can provide your line with deeper accuracy and reliability than Anritsu. We invite you to see the difference and discover what you’ve been missing.

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