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In addition to contaminant inspection and checkweighing, Anritsu delivers complete product integrity inspection to assure overall product quality: shape analysis, missing items, package integrity, etc.

Inspection Solutions  
X-ray inspection system
X-ray inspection system
Metal detector
Metal detector
Metal (ferrous, stainless steel, etc.)
Non-metal (stone, bone, plastics, etc.)
Under/Over weight
Missing items
Shape irregularities (breaks, chips)
Package integrity
Missing insert (magnetic ink)
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Missing Product Detection

[Count detection] Inspects the number of pieces per pack of vertically packed biscuits or cookies.

[Virtual weight detection] Shortages in the number of items in a package can be found when the amount is displayed as number of contained pieces and detecting such shortages based on mass is difficult, because each piece has variable mass.

Virtual weight detection: Example of a package containing 12 cupcakes

Shape Detection

The shape, area and mass are analyzed from x-ray images to find irregularities including breaks and chips. Missing fillings can also be spotted.

形状検査 - Shape Detection

Package Check

Packages of sliced ham, etc., are checked to ensure none of the contents is caught in sealed parts.

Package Check

Useful for inspection of package inserts

Sealing and duplication of package inserts can be checked by using magnetic ink for package inserts, eliminating wasteful double inspection.

Useful for inspection of package inserts