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QUICCA utilization example Vol.1

To the management and executives of food factories,

Would you like to promote paperless manufacturing?

Would you like to promote paperless production lines?

How much paper is used every day on the production line?

It is said that 2,500 to 3,000 sheets of paper are used annually per production line for inspection records (daily work reports, etc.) of equipment on the production line.


  • Recorded items: Date, worker name, product name, inspection items (mass, product temperature, presence / absence of equipment abnormality)
  • Recording location: Temperature inspection (raw material / intermediate), mass inspection (raw material, intermediate, shipping), appearance Foreign matter inspection
  • Recording interval: morning, afternoon, night

Since the recording is proportional to the number of lines, thousands of daily reports are generated every year, and filing alone can be a daunting task.
We also need to reduce paper consumption from the perspective of the global environment.

What is the purpose of keeping a record?

The inspection record of the production line serves as a quality record to guarantee the quality of the produced products, and it is necessary to check the record when a defect occurs in the company or a complaint from a customer occurs. In addition, huge work is required, including the work of analyzing and tabulating productivity such as pass rate, operation rate, and line downtime on a monthly or line basis from the records left on paper, and graphing for reporting. Not only resource saving, but also creating an environment that does not allow long working hours is an important issue for management.

QUICCA will solve it!

Take the plunge and switch from handwriting to electronic recording. By connecting various manufacturing equipment, inspection equipment and a computer with QUICCA installed via a network, you will be freed from the troublesome work of daily report creation, filing, and tabulation / graphing. Customers who are worried that network construction will be difficult can also rest assured. Experienced staff will fully support you from the system installation to go-live.

Click here for the page of the comprehensive quality control and control system QUICCA

Collective management of various inspection data Can be connected up to 99 inspection machines and production equipment

QUICCA is a comprehensive quality control and control system that collects, analyzes, and utilizes data from inspection machines. We provide various information by collecting, analyzing, and utilizing the judgment results and history of inspection machines connected via a network in real time.


Electronic form example

You can easily output the results as daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Daily report

Daily report (production status)

You can check the transition of production and the occurrence of downtime in graphs and tables.

Weekly report

Weekly report (Availability)

You can check the transition in Availability rate (Run Time / Planned Production Time) for each day of the week. You can see changes such as a drop in availability on Monday.

Monthly report

Monthly report (Yield rate)

You can check the yield rate (Good Count / Total Count) for each product for one month. Priority measures can be taken for products with poor yields.


QUICCA does not save the form itself, but saves the original data (date, time, worker, type, inspection result, etc.), extracts and calculates the one that meets the conditions, and outputs it in the specified format. In other words, no matter who operates QUICCA, the same result form can be reproduced on the computer screen at any time, so there is no need to print it on paper anymore. We will be freed from the hassle of printing and filing and will be able to focus on more creative work.

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