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2000-1792-R Isotropic Antenna

Isotropic Antenna

In order to conduct EMF measurements, an Anritsu isotropic antenna is required. Anritsu offers the 2000-1792-R isotropic antenna for use with the Electromagnetic Field Measurement System. The 2000-1792-R operates over a frequency range of 30 MHz to 3 GHz. This antenna is a tri-axis E-Field sensor with an integrated RF switch device, microcontroller, and memory. Each of the three sensors is situated orthogonally inside the antenna housing to transmit and receive a spherical radiation pattern. In this way, all radiation at the antenna’s geographical position is measured, regardless of direction of arrival.

The RF switch, microcontroller, and memory inside the antenna are controlled by firmware in the Spectrum Analyzer via a USB cable. The microcontroller operates the RF switch, controlling which probe is active. Once all three probes are switched, a composite RMS calculation is made. The memory inside the antenna is used to store parameters associated with that particular antenna. This includes serial number, date of calibration, antenna frequency range, and antenna factors.

Each isotropic antenna is individually characterized over its entire frequency range. The antenna factors are stored in the antenna’s memory and automatically downloaded into the Spectrum Analyzer once the antenna USB cable is inserted.

The 2000-1792-R isotropic antenna is a tri-axis E-Field sensor with an integrated RF switch. The RF switch is controlled by the analyzer via a USB port.

Each antenna is individually characterized and comes with a certificate of conformance and supporting test data.


Electrical Characteristics

Type E-Field sensor
Sensor Type Three Axis sensor with scanned axes
Frequency Range 30 MHz — 3 GHz
Typical 3D Isotropy ≤ ± 1.5 dB (300 MHz — 1 GHz)
≤ ± 2.3 dB (1 GHz — 3 GHz)
Dynamic Range 0.1 mV/m — 200 V/m (typical) with 1 kHz RBW
25 μV at 900 MHz
35 μV at 1800 MHz
50 μV at 3000 MHz
Maximum Field Strength 500 V/m (destruction limit)
Switching Time < 10 μs
RF Connector N-Connector Male, 50 Ω
Supply and Control USB

Mechanical Characteristics

Radome Material ABS
Color Body: B-39047 “Light Grey”
Handle: B-39042 “Dark Grey”
Weight 800 g
Climatic Compliancy Operating: 7K3 (IEC 60721-3)
Mechanical Compliancy Operating: 7M3 (IEC 60792-3)
Temperature Range (operating) -25 °C, +70 °C
Humidity 100 % at +40 °C for up to 96 hours
Dimensions Maximum Length: 450 mm ± 5 mm (with connector)
Maximum Width: 150 mm ± 1 mm

The Electromagnetic Field Measurement Option is available in the following handheld analyzers.

Product Model Option Number
Spectrum Master MS2711E MS2711E-0444
Spectrum Master MS2712E MS2712E-0444
Spectrum Master MS2713E MS2713E-0444
Spectrum Master MS2720T MS2720T-0444
Cell Master MT8212E MT8212E-0444
Cell Master MT8213E MT8213E-0444
LMR Master S412E S412E-0444
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