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Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

Basic Concept

Anritsu believes in the importance of being an organization in which employees feel they are contributing to society and growing while being vibrant and actively achieving the company’s goals. With this belief, we constantly strive to create a workplace in which employees can grow and contribute to the organization through their work.

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Implementation Status of Education and Training

Starting in fiscal 2017, the formats for this training are being redefined and revised under the titles of “Leadership Basic Training” and “Self-improvement Training & Hands-on Management Training.” We also developed the content for self-development support, with the addition of e-learning courses, online English conversation lessons and classroom-based coursework.

Training for new recruits now includes an innovation planning program. This is conducted by the Business Originating Center on the creation of new customer value. It is intended to teach about the importance and difficulties of value creation, team performance and goal commitment in addition to the marketing and accounting knowledge essential for business model planning.

Education/Training Program
Training new recruits

Global Human Resource Development

Anritsu is working to expand its business overseas, primarily in the area of test and measurement. Developing human resources capable of leading these overseas businesses represents a key challenge for achieving growth in the coming years.

While training new recruits in fiscal 2017, the trainees learned how important it is to collaborate with colleagues in and outside Japan as well as practical details of international business from staff members with plenty of overseas experience in representative projects. Their exciting real-life stories clearly motivated the new recruits.

Global Training
Global training

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