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Ensure Reliability of Driver Safety Systems

Automotive Test Solutions - Safety and Driver Aids

Test and Measurement Solutions for Automotive Applications

Aiming to ensure safety and quick response times from emergency medical services in the event of a traffic accident, an emergency call (eCall) made automatically by the vehicle involved could save millions of lives. As soon as on-board sensors (e.g. the airbag sensors) register a serious accident, the car will automatically dial the standard emergency phone number and send vital information regarding the incident. Once that vital information is transmitted, a voice channel is established between the call center operator and the occupants of the vehicle to check their status.

Anritsu offers an eCall tester based on a complete network simulator and a software tool simulating Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP). GPS modules, on-board sensors and radar systems aiming to protect and aid the driver can be tested using Anritsu's Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators or Universal Wireless Testers.

MD8475A Signalling Tester

MD8475AThe MD8475A helps in the development of in-car safety technologies such as eCall or ERA-GLONASS.

The Network Simulator can be easily integrated with an IVS module for simulating end-to-end emergency calls as per the mentioned standards.

  • eCall, ERA-GLONASS
  • Supports 2-cell test environment, including Inter-RAT Cell Reselection, Redirection, Cell Change, CS Fallback, and more
  • eCall tester can be reliably integrated with the platform

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ME7838E Vector Network Analyzer

ME7838AWith the continued growth in 77 & 92 GHz automotive radar III-V development, it is expected that a major push for emerging SiGe development will continue. SiGe will offer lower costs and prices for the automotive industry and push car radar into mid to low price models.

VectorStar is used during the design phase where device characterization is used to analyze broadband performance of transistors and MMICs for radar systems and sub-systems.

  • FMCW

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MS2840A Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer

MS2840AThe MS2840A has unrivaled performance of phase noise testing oscillator components for FMCW RADAR. The MS2840A also supports various measurements to test wireless devices and components, such as power measurement, frequency measurement, ACLR, spectrogram, and more.

  • 9 kHz to 3.6/6/26.5/44.5 GHz spectrum/modulation analysis
  • Excellent close-in Phase Noise performance
    -138 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz , 10 kHz Offset (meas.)* with option-066
    *: Option-040/041 models
    -100 dBc/Hz at 79 GHz, 10 kHz Offset (meas.)* with waveguide mixer
    *: Option-044/046 models
  • Extendable AM/FM/φM and vector modulation analysis function

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MS2830A Spectrum Analyzer

MS2830AThe MS2830A uses a built-in vector signal generator to reproduce captured actual signals. These captured pulse signals and noise are analyzed using the flexible VSA function supporting Spectrum, Power vs. Time, and Frequency vs. Time displays. In addition, spectrum performance can be checked intuitively using the Spectrogram display showing frequency, time, and power on one screen to troubleshoot and develop car wireless equipment, such as RKE and TPMS, using FSK signals.

The characteristics of time-shifted signals, such as DSRC and IEEE 802.11p used for car-to-car and road-to-car communications, can be measured using analysis tools like MATLAB.


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MT8870A Universal Wireless Test Set

MT8870APositioning and localization technologies are now key in the connected car, and they must be tested to ensure compliance with international standards.

The MT8870A is the best option for testing at R&D and production stages of all wireless standards. This all-in-one box can perform sensitivity, BER and functional tests for navigation modules (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo).

  • GNSS (i.e. GPS, GLONASS)
  • Modular design with up to 16 high performance RF ports in one small chassis, to minimize test time and ensure an efficient cost per tested unit.

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MG3710A Vector Signal Generator

MG3710AThe MG3710A can be used as an Arbitrary Waveform Generator, totally flexible for simulating GNSS signals (i.e. GPS, GLONASS), perfect for driver-aid systems development.

Its dual RF option makes it easy to implement complex test scenarios that would normally require multiple synchronized signal generators, such as:

  • Wanted + Interference Signals for Receiver Blocking Testing
  • Wanted + Two CW Tones for Receiver Intermodulation Testing
  • Wanted + Delayed Signals for Multipath Testing

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MS46522B E-band Shockline

MS46522BThe MS46522B is a series of 2-port Performance ShockLine Vector Network Analyzers. Testing applications include designing and manufacturing mobile network equipment, mobile devices, automotive cables, high-speed data interconnects and system integration components. Option 82 is the E-Band frequency option for the 2-port MS46522B. It brings banded mm-wave measurement capabilities to an economic cost level unprecedented in the marketplace. For applications requiring only E-band frequency coverage, the new 500B series 55-92 GHz mm-wave option is the best value on the market and enables mass market production of E-band components.

  • Extended frequency range covering E-band and major parts of V band
  • Full-assembled test system eliminates setup errors and increases reliability
  • Tethered modules connect directly to the DUT increasing measurement stability

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