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Message from the Top Management
Providing Environmentally Conscious Products that Meet Global Standards

Anritsu products are used in countries and regions around the world and must satisfy the diverse legal environmental standards of each country as well as the requirements of each customer. We therefore believe it is highly important to both comply with global environmental laws and regulations and design and develop environmentally conscious products that meet global standards for energy efficiency, resource conservation and reduced harmful substances in each stage of the product lifecycle, from parts procurement, manufacturing, shipping, and customer use to recycling. To that end, we strive to accurately identify and reduce our environmental impact, such as CO2 emissions, in each stage of the product lifecycle.
The Anritsu Group will continue conducting environmental management to meet the expectation of all our stakeholders.             
Senior Vice President
Chief Environmental Office
Junkichi Shirono

■ Please see "CSR Report 2013 PDF" for more detail information

Eco Management, Eco Mind
Eco Office, Eco Factory
・Environmental Principle
・Action Guidelines
・Environmental Management
・Environmental Audit
・Efforts to Preserve Biodiversity
・Environmental Education for Employees
・Eco-Mind Survey of Employees
・Promoting Environmental Communication
>>CSR Report 2013 Detailed PDF(P37-41 )

・History of Anritsu's Environmental Management Activities
>>CSR Report 2013 Detailed PDF(P53 )
・Energy Conservation Activity
・Compliance Status
・Risk Countermeasures
・Water Resources
・Chemical Substances Management
・Waste Reduction
・Recycling Center
>>CSR Report 2013 Detailed PDF(P42-47 )

・Group Environmental Impact Data
>>CSR Report 2013 Detailed PDF(P51 )

Eco Products Development
Environmental Performance Sheet

・Complying with Product Environmental Regulations Worldwide
・Global Product Assessment Implementation Guidelines
・Eco Product Program
・Eco Products
・Green Procurement
・Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

>>CSR Report 2013 Detailed PDF(P48-50 )

Excellent Eco Product

Anritsu's statement with regard to WEEE, RoHS and REACH

Environmental Accounting
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