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Food And Pharmaceutical Equipment

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X-Ray Inspection Systems

Ultra high definition models – 0.2mm metal ball detection – Soft contaminants and low-contrast contaminants can also be detected with superior sensitivity.

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Automatic Weight Inspection Equipment (Checkweighers) is indispensable in checking for product weight and missing products. Anritsu’s Checkweighers not only weigh products with high speed and precision, but also easily link with data from fillers and packaging machines to serve a proving and recording function, supporting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) validation as well as quality control systems such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). Anritsu offers an extensive lineup of these systems to ensure accurate response to each customer's precise needs.

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Metal Detection

Enhanced quality control and reporting capabilities; Extensive functions meet your demands.

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Combination CW & MD Systems

The power of Automatic Combination Weighers is clearly evident in processes that fill and package specified weights of foodstuffs at high speeds. Anritsu Automatic Combination Weighers not only deliver high speed and precision, but also incorporate a wide palette of techniques for protecting food and maintaining hygiene.

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