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Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C

The Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C is the all-in-one test platform for R&D and evaluation of LTE/LTE-Advanced/3G/2G UE (User Equipment). It can supports benchmark of LTE/LTE-Advanced terminals, including RF TRX evaluation, and functional tests by self unit. Also it can use for OTA testing, and functional testing.

Product Introduction pdf 2.7 MB 16/01/2017

NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A Quick Start Guide

This guide provides installation, registration, site planning, and on-site signal mapping instructions for the MA8100A NEON Signal Mapper.

Quick Start Guide pdf 7.1 MB Version: B 16/01/2017

Microwave Site Master S820E Maintenance Manual

This manual provides service and maintenance information for the Anritsu Site Master S820E Cable & Antenna Analyzer. The information includes product descriptions, replaceable parts information, performance verification procedures, parts removal and replacement procedures, and troubleshooting information. The following terms are equivalent: Soft Key is the same as Submenu Key Hard Key is the same as Main Menu Key

Maintenance Manual pdf 13.3 MB Version: B 13/01/2017

PIM Test Power Level

The industry recognized specification for Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing is IEC 62037. This specification was first released in 1999 and updated in 2012. This specification defines the technical requirements for PIM test equipment as well as provides test procedures for measuring RF components such as connectors, cable assemblies, antennas and filters. The current version of the specification only addresses factory PIM testing. A working group within the IEC will address the unique challenges of field PIM testing with portable test equipment in a future release of the specification.

In order to promote measurement consistency, IEC 62037 currently recommends that components used in mobile communications systems be tested using 2x 20 Watt (43 dBm) test tones. This recommendation has served the wireless industry well through the development and deployment of 2G and 3G systems. With the more stringent requirements of 4G and 5G systems, demand for higher linearity (lower PIM) construction is needed. With this need, it is time to reassess the historical test power level recommended by IEC 62037 and determine if 40 Watt (46 dBm) test power might better serve modern mobile communications networks.

Application Note pdf 996.3 KB Version: A 12/01/2017

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)

Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) is a technique for geo-locating RF sources. It requires three or more remote receivers (probes) capable of detecting the signal of interest. Each probe is synchronized in time to capture corresponding I/Q data blocks. Software shifts the time signature of each I/Q data set to find the difference in the arrival time at each probe. This gives the difference in the distance of the source from each set of probes. Using several probes provides a set of curved lines that indicate solutions to the distance equations. The actual RF source sits at the intersection of these lines.

TDOA can provide a very accurate location estimate (< 100 m) in a short period of time. To successfully use TDOA it is essential to understand the type of signals that can be used, how the results depend on the geometry of the measurement (probe and source locations), what the sources of uncertainty are and how to mitigate them, and how to know if the answer is meaningful.

Application Note pdf 2.8 MB Version: A 12/01/2017

Spectrum Master MS2760A User Guide

This manual provides general information, as well as installation and operating information for the Anritsu MS2760A Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer and Spectrum Master User Interface Software.

User Guide pdf 2.8 MB Version: A 10/01/2017

Spectrum Master MS2760A Maintenance Manual

This manual provides maintenance instructions for the Anritsu MS2760A Spectrum Master. Familiarity with the basic operation of the MS2760A using the MS2760A GUI software is assumed (for example, how to preset the instrument and set frequency, span and RBW settings).

Maintenance Manual pdf 788.7 KB Version: A 10/01/2017

Spectrum Master MS2760A Technical Data Sheet

From Anritsu, the inventor of the handheld spectrum analyzer first introduced in 1999, we are proud to introduce our first generation MS2760A Spectrum Master – Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer. By utilizing Anritsu’s patented shockline nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology, the MS2760A shatters the cost, size, and performance barriers associated with traditional large form-factor instruments to more efficiently advance technology development. The MS2760A is truly pocket sized, but big on performance with industry leading dynamic range, sweep speed, and amplitude accuracy.

Datasheet pdf 1.6 MB Version: A 10/01/2017

Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable mmWave Spectrum Analyzer — The furure of performance and affordability

The mmWave market is the open frontier for a wireless communications world that is getting more and more crowded. As a result, many new technologies are being developed to take advantage of the bandwidth availability at higher frequencies. This imposes several new challenges on developers, however, including:

  • Higher propagation losses in mmWave frequencies
  • A general lack of test equipment up to 70 GHz

By utilizing our patented non-linear transmission line (NLTL) technology, our new line of Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzers meets the need for test at higher frequencies while maintaining performance and affordability.

Leaflet pdf 778.9 KB Version: A 10/01/2017

Vector Network Analyzer Portfolio Brochure

For every measurement scenario from on-wafer device characterization to R&D testing to manufacturing and field operations, Anritsu continues to be the leader in VNA technologies and measurements.

Confidence on the Cutting Edge

In the Lab | On the Manufacturing Floor | In the Field

Brochure pdf 8.1 MB Version: B 09/01/2017

Wireless Travel Router 2000-1752-R Installation Guide

This guide provides general information, configuration and operation instructions for the 2000-1752-R wireless travel router.

Installation Guide pdf 561.4 KB Version: B 09/01/2017

MT1000A/MT1100A remote operation manual

MT1000A/MT1100A remote operation manual

Operations Manual pdf 4.4 MB Version: 13.0 05/01/2017

MT1000A/MU100010A Network Master Pro Operation Manual

MT1000A/MU100010A Network Master Pro Operation Manual

Operations Manual pdf 21.9 MB Version: 14.0 05/01/2017

MT1000A Network Master Pro OTDR Modules Operation Manual

This is the operation manual of the MT1000A OTDR.

Operations Manual pdf 9.6 MB Version: 6.0 05/01/2017

MT1100A Network Master Flex Operation Manual

MT1100A Network Master Flex Operation Manual

Operations Manual pdf 21.7 MB Version: 13.0 05/01/2017

ShockLine™ Economy VNA MS46322A Operation Manual

The ShockLine™ MS46322A Series VNA is an instrument system that contains a built-in source, test set, and analyzer. Designed for manufacturing applications, the MS46322A series VNA supports remote test programming through LAN communications. Test results can be displayed real time on an external video monitor. Screen captures can easily be printed or saved in common graphic file formats. The ShockLine™ MS46322A Series VNA provides a maximum frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. The ShockLine™ MS46322A Series VNA has up to 16,001 total test points available with up to 16 trace display graphs. Each trace can have up to 12 standard markers and one reference marker. This is the operation manual for the MS46322A ShockLine VNA. The manual contains a product overview, installation instructions, and basic maintenance.

Operations Manual pdf 4.0 MB Version: J 03/01/2017

ShockLine MS46121A/122A/322A Programming Manual

This manual provides information for remote operation of the ShockLine MS46121A/MS46122A/MS46322A VNAs using commands sent from an external controller via Ethernet.

This manual contains the following topics:
— A general description of bus data transfer and control functions
— A listing of the IEEE 488 Interface Function Messages recognized by the VNA
— A brief description of the Ethernet program interface to the VNA
— A complete listing and description of all the Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) commands that can be used to control VNA operation with examples of command usage

This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the ShockLine MS46121A/122A/322A VNA Operation Manual – 10410-00335. Refer to that manual for general information about the ShockLine Series VNAs including equipment set up and front panel (manual mode) operating instructions.

Programming Manual pdf 3.1 MB Version: R 03/01/2017

ShockLine MS46122A Operation Manual

This manual provides an overview of the ShockLine MS46122A Series Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and a description of its major functions and available documentation. Additional information on initial inspection, preparation, hardware, and the user interface are included in the subsequent chapters.

Operations Manual pdf 6.5 MB Version: D 03/01/2017

ShockLine MS46522B/524B Operation Manual

The ShockLine™ MS46522B/MS46524B are instrument systems that contains a built-in source, test set, and network analyzer. Designed for manufacturing applications, the MS46522B/MS46524B series VNA supports remote test programming through LAN communications. Test results can be displayed real time on an external video monitor. Screen captures can be printed or saved in common graphic file formats.

Operations Manual pdf 4.2 MB Version: F 03/01/2017

ShockLine MS46522B/524B User Interface Reference Manual

This manual is a reference document for the Anritsu ShockLine™ VNA user interface (UI) menus and dialog boxes. This chapter describes the document conventions used in this manual and lists related ShockLine™ VNA documentation.

The full documentation set for the ShockLine™ VNA is listed in “User Documentation” on page 1-2. All documentation except the maintenance manuals is available from the Anritsu website. Maintenance manuals are available by contacting Anritsu Customer Service. Refer to other MS46522B/MS46524B Series VNA documentation for detailed explanations and procedures.

This document assumes readers have reviewed the introduction to the ShockLine application User Interface presented in the Operation Manual or User Guide.

User Guide pdf 27.2 MB Version: F 03/01/2017

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Anritsu Software Tool Box™ (Full Installer)

The Anritsu Software Tool Box contains tools to help you make the most of your Anritsu RF Handheld Instruments. This installer may not require internet access while running. See the software tools pages for details. Release History

Line Sweep Tools — Analyze Cable, Antenna, and PIM traces, as well as generate reports. This works with DAT, VNA, and PIM files.
Master Software Tools — Work with spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, and transmitter test measurements as well as generate reports.
Wireless Remote Tools — Remotely monitor and control many Anritsu handheld RF instruments over Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables.
easyTest Tools — Create work instructions that can be ran on Anritsu handheld RF instruments.
easyMap Tools — Create maps for Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzers to simplify coverage measurements and interference hunting.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 335.6 MB Version: 1.13 16/01/2017

Anritsu Software Tool Box Release History

Release history for Anritsu Software Tool Box

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 210.0 KB Version: 1.13 16/01/2017

MS2710xA Legacy Firmware v1.11

Legacy firmware v1.11 for the family of Remote Spectrum Monitors.

Drivers, Software Downloads tar 55.0 MB Version: 1.11 12/01/2017

MS2710xA Legacy Firmware v2016.7.1

Legacy firmware v2016.7.1 for the family of Remote Spectrum Monitors.

Drivers, Software Downloads tar 54.9 MB Version: 2016.7.1 12/01/2017

Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator

The VectorStar Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator is a standalone program used to provide the user a tool for easily determining measurement uncertainty while using the VectorStar VNA Option 041 – Noise Figure. The calculator can be installed on the VectorStar instrument desktop or on a Windows XP/Windows 7 PC. Installation Instructions: Unzip the folder If running, close the VectorStar application. Run setup.exe and follow the instructions. If the installation requests a reboot, please reboot. Notes: The VectorStar application may start after a reboot. If the Uncertainty Calculator installation was not completed, please close the VectorStar application. Installation instructions may not be visible with the VectorStar application running. A desktop shortcut is not automatically created during installation.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 78.8 MB Version: 1.0.1 10/01/2017

Windows GPIB (Version 3.79)

WindowsGPIB is a Windows®-based program that sends and receives program data over GPIB, in response to commands entered from the keyboard or from a command file, similar but friendlier than NI's WIBIC. It is a good tool for testing mnemonics and commands while developing ATE programs. Windows GPIB supports only NI GPIB.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 4.1 MB Version: 3.79 10/01/2017

VNA FTP Utility Version 1.27

VNA FTP displays the VNA's Hard and Floppy drives alongside the PC's drives, similar to Windows Explorer. This permits moving, copying and deleting files within and between the two entities with a few mouse clicks. Download and Install Instructions: Download the file below and save it to your PC's hard drive. Unzip the file. Run the setup.exe file to begin the installation process.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 4.3 MB Version: 1.27 10/01/2017

Software Update for the Spectrum Master MS2760A

This software update contains the latest upgrades for the Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 99.5 MB Version: 2016.12.1 10/01/2017

Software Revision History for the MS2760A

Complete software release history for the MS2760A Spectrum Master Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 241.4 KB Version: 2016.12.1 10/01/2017

MS2760A FOSS Disclosures and Licenses

Spectrum Master MS2760A disclosures for use of free and open source software.

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 4.3 KB 10/01/2017


Software of MT1000A.

MD5 : f409939bfbc7f93d2ce79a00176a77ed

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 381.8 MB Version: 7.03 05/01/2017

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : 6eb1b9eed3d2c187b53a00f26f8734f3

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 57.1 MB Version: 7.03 05/01/2017

MX100001A windows control software

MX100001A windows control software.

MD5 : 6eb1b9eed3d2c187b53a00f26f8734f3

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 57.1 MB Version: 7.03 05/01/2017

MT1000A OTDR Modules Quick Reference Guide

This is the quick reference guide of the MT1000A OTDR.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 2.0 MB Version: 3.0 05/01/2017

Network Master Pro/Flex Release Notes

Release information for the latest version of MT1000A/MT1100A

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 449.0 KB Version: 7.03 05/01/2017

Release Note V7.03 (Illustration)

This is the illustrated version of MT1000A/MT1100A release note. Some contents of release note are explained with figure.

Drivers, Software Downloads pdf 15.6 MB Version: 7.03 05/01/2017


Software of MT1100A.

MD5 : 558ce921ba867a4cd9c5732f90fa4cf5

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 630.3 MB Version: 7.03 05/01/2017

ShockLine VNA Software

Download the latest software for the ShockLine VNA family. This software works with the MS46121A, MS46122A, MS46322A, MS46522B and MS46524B Series ShockLine VNAs.


  • This installation may require your host to be re-booted to support updates to existing drivers.
  • This installation will require the insertion of services and drivers to your host. Please turn off all Web and Host Virus Detection Applications before starting the installation. Upon completion of the installation turn on your virus Detection Applications to their previous state.
  • For MS46122A using Windows 8, 8.1, or 10, please follow this manual driver procedure before installing ShockLine software.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 78.4 MB Version: 2.2.04 03/01/2017

IVI-C Installation Files V1.12

IVI-C installer for Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Compatible with ShockLine software V2.2.04.

Drivers, Software Downloads exe 32.5 MB Version: 1.12 03/01/2017

Signal Quality Analyzer Control Software

It is an installer to install the Signal Quality Analyzer Control Software.
(Note1.)This installer does not support MP1821A/22A 56Gbit/s MUX/DEMUX.

MD5 : cfddadbcdba77be10ef74c955e412172

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 169.4 MB Version: 8.04.01 19/12/2016

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