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Smart Grid

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Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, $4.5 billion dollars have been allocated towards modernizing the electric grid. This includes investments for development of a Smart Grid, a utility network that intelligently monitors, controls and adapts power deployment based on two-way communications between the utility and consumer.

Moreover, the United States is not alone in its initiative to modernize the electric grid.  Other countries making substantial investments in Smart Grid infrastructure include Canada, Mexico, Brazil, EU member states, Japan, Korea, Australia, India and China.


Specific goals of the Smart Grid include:

  • Allowing consumers to actively participate in optimizing operation of the system;
  • Reduce the environmental impact of the electric supply system;
  • Add robustness to the network by introducing new self-healing technologies;
  • Integrate ‘smart’ appliances and consumer devices as part of the system;
  • Dynamic optimization of grid resources;
  • Development of standards for communication and interoperability of equipment connected to the grid;

A large portion of the intelligence being incorporated into the Smart Grid is wireless, i.e. radios, sensors, concentrators and backhaul located thought the grid.  A big challenge for utilities will be the development of these two-way communication systems that can support a large range of applications and requirements.  Anritsu is contributing to this effort with test and measurement instruments that make it easier and faster to enable Smart Grid communications. 


MS2830A Signal Analyzer [Product Brochure]

MX2690xxA Series Measurement Software [Brochure]

MX269xxxA Series Software MX2690xxA Waveform Pattern/MX2699xxA |Qproducer [Brochure]

Test Needs

The ability to analyze signal integrity in a wireless environment has long been realized by cellular carriers, satellite companies and other network providers as a crucial element in deploying and maintaining a secure system. As utilities deploy the Smart Grid with various wireless technologies, the need to access signal coverage and sources of interference will grow exponentially. Additionally, cable and antenna analyzers are needed to install, provision, maintain and troubleshoot wireless base station cable and antenna systems.

Utilities need to be able to analyze communication problems quickly and insure that their wireless network continues to run under a variety of conditions.  Special options and equipment to serve this market include:

  • Cable and Antenna Analyzer
  • Interference Analysis Option (Opt 0025)
  • Coverage Mapping Option   (Opt 0431)
The Mission

Smart Grid Mission


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