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Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #12 - October 2007



As the spectrum becomes more and more congested, testing solutions become more important.

Fiber News
Bit-heavy Video Services Key to Internet Growth
IP News
Jitter Major Concern for Engineers Designing Network Equipment and Systems
Microwave/RF News
Growth of WiMAX Seen as Precursor for 2008
Wireless News
Growth of CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev. A Includes Public Safety



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FCC Auction on Horizon May Clear up Spectrum Concerns

The 700 MHz auction scheduled for February of 2008 is one of the most eagerly awaited events for the telecommunications community. The opening of the spectrum due to the government’s requirement that UHF television stations vacate it and switch to high definition is creating the path for 4G networks, according to many industry players.

One of the reasons for the interest in the spectrum is its relative scarcity. Secondly, it has better penetration inside buildings and requires fewer sites to get the same coverage as an alternative – advanced wireless services (AWS) – which was auctioned last year.

Another reason for the appeal of the auction is that there is simply very little space available from which to launch new technologies. As the spectrum becomes more and more congested, testing solutions become more important. Interference is a concern already and will become an even larger one once these networks begin to be deployed. This doesn’t even account for the proliferation of Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks at the municipal and public safety level, which are now pushing their way into the RF space.

Congestion doesn’t just exist in the airwaves. Fiber pipes are being lit at a rapid rate, according to industry insiders, as Internet use continues to rise, particularly at the residential level. Again, testing will play an important role in the performance of fiber optic networks, as well as the installation of new fiber lines to meet demand.

This issue of Anritsu News addresses many of the congestion issues facing communications networks. In each section, we outline new test solutions developed to help ensure the performance of both wireless and wireline networks in this every-changing world.

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