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Anritsu provides cutting-edge solutions for telecommunications technologies ranging from indoor coverage mapping in small wireless systems to spectrum analysis and over the air testing in large wireless networks. Our complete solutions are designed to meet your ever-changing market needs.

Base Station Testing

The base station is at the core of your RF wireless installation. It’s where you make the connections for your cables, antennas, transmitters and receivers. And it’s where most problems can occur that can affect performance through component failures, wireless interference or incorrect installation or maintenance. The result can be unacceptable downtime for your networks, and time-consuming work to fix the problem by your field techs.

Anritsu's Base Station Central is here to help. We've gathered a variety of technical resources to help you track problems, educate your people, look up terminology and much more. You’ll also find product specs for a full line of base station testers, cable and antenna analyzers, spectrum analyzers and accessories. As the leader in the field, Anritsu makes the largest variety of high quality base station analyzers and peripheral equipment designed for reliable operation that saves you time and money.


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 By eliminating wires and simplifying connections between everyday appliances, Bluetooth wireless technology influences our lives in many ways.

 Anritsu provides leading-edge technology incorporated in test and measurement solutions for the optical, RF/microwave, wireless, and datacomm/telecomm industries as well as unique solutions in electronic and optical components.

 The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Anritsu is under license.

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Broadband Stimulus

A Timely Opportunity for America

Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, $7.2 billion was made available to expand broadband access to unserved and underserved communities across the United States. The initiative is coordinated by the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA).

Anritsu is proud to contribute to Broadband Stimulus with test and measurement instruments that make it easier and faster to deliver the promise of universal high-speed connectivity. Our equipment has been proven at most major carriers and communications industry suppliers in demanding field applications around the globe.

We hope you will bookmark this section of our website and come back regularly. You’ll find constantly updated news and articles of interest, basic reference material on Broadband Stimulus, and links to appropriate Anritsu product information.

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Coverage and Interference Mapping

Assessing a signal environment to ensure proper deployment, installation and operation of wireless networks is no easy task. From natural obstructions such as mountains to man-made obstacles like wind turbine generators, signal integrity is one of the biggest concerns for wireless service providers, public safety users, LMR operations and government officials.


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Ethernet is a communications standard used primarily for the Internet. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the resulting increase in mobile data, the demand for higher Internet speed has driven an increase from initial speeds of 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps and higher. Data centers handling core data networks between cities as well as metro networks within cities are already implementing upgrades to 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps. In addition, discussions of ultra-fast Ethernet speeds of 400 Gbps are in progress. 

Anritsu's Network Master Series test platforms are ideal for developing and manufacturing new devices that support stable communications through the use of high-speed Ethernet and for troubleshooting and maintenance of communications networks.

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Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel is a communications standard featuring efficient and fast transfer of the large data volumes required by financial institutions, data centers, etc. Cloud services, using data centers accessed via networks, are increasingly popular for storing data and are generating an increased demand for Fibre Channel testing.

Anritsu's Fibre Channel test function is designed to meet this growing need.

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Interference Hunting

Interference hunting requires the ability to spot, find and fix a known interferer which is not always an easy task. Not only having the right tools, but the ability to properly identify the issue is key to interference hunting. As strange as it may sound, the first step to solving an interference issue is actually determining that there really is interference. Sometimes there are other issues at play that cause a communications system to work less than optimally but don’t actually involve an outside signal.

Discovering interference before customers see the issue is a huge advantage. Anritsu Company provides a range of solutions to help identify the presence of interference, locate and pinpoint the source to resolve the issue.

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LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the established next generation mobile technology, with many legacy systems and variants being integrated into operator network upgrades. The challenge for wireless device developers is to offer the right services and be able to support a variety of systems to ensure their devices can connect globally on any mobile network.

LTE addresses some of the key issues in the network:

  • Spectrum Flexibility and Efficiency
  • New Service Capabilities
  • Faster Data Rates

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Microwave Components and Device Characterization

Engineers need precise methods of characterizing components due to greater design complexities caused by modulation schemes such as PSK and QAM (used in WCDMA and EV-DO) and OFDM (used in WiMAX and LTE), as well as higher power-efficiency requirements and improved linearity. Modern devices and components must also introduce less distortion and be developed at lower costs. These factors make design and test a bigger challenge than ever before.


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The most recent transport solution is OTN which transports TDM circuits over long distances by providing Generic Forward Error Correction (GFEC).OTN is seen as the best transport solution because it offers fault management, performance monitoring, and protection mechanisms, coupled with a low cost-of-entry point and the ability to support current infrastructure with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn networks. 

OTN has several advantages:

  • A high-reliability network can be configured by using error correction during transmission (Forward Error Correction: FEC).
  • Using the OTN switching function supports data transmission to the destination with assured reliability.
  • Smooth support is assured for legacy standards like SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn, etc., as well as for as future data mapping standards.

Anritsu test equipment supports OTN FEC function inspections in line with ITU-T standards, while also offering strong support for current SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn inspection standards.

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Regular Ethernet is an asynchronous communications standard where the timing of data sent and data received are not matched. This simplifies the type of transmission equipment needed. Smartphones however, require synchronized timing of data between base stations in order to permit uninterrupted transmission as the Smartphones move between base stations.

The ITU-T organization has established a new standard called SyncE that adds a function for synchronizing asynchronous Ethernet communications. In addition, IEEE also has a new standard known as IEEE 1588 v2.

Anritsu’s Ethernet test solutions support standard Ethernet communications and provide the ideal platforms for verifying, developing and troubleshooting the new SyncE (Synchronous Ethernet) and IEEE 1588 v2 functions used by base stations.

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Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) is an air interface found in UMTS mobile telecommunications networks in China. It is a Time Division Duplex (TDD) 3G technology as opposed to Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) like W-CDMA. TD-SCDMA is primarily used for voice and it utilizes a TDD version of HSPA for data. China Mobile is the operator in China utilizing this technology making it the largest 3G network operator in the world.

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For over 110 years Anritsu has been a leader in developing emerging technologies. First to provide 3G test and measurement solutions to the wireless market, we are now firmly established as the leader of 3G test. First to develop a range of products for HSPA, Anritsu is now at the forefront of developing solutions that meet not only the broader need of this technology, but also the industry's demands for implementing LTE and Next Generation Networks.


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 Bluetooth and WLAN Testers provide a full range of test capabilities for all R&D and manufacturing applications.

You expect the technology to work smoothly and seamlessly "out of the box". This is where Anritsu can help. Anritsu understands that the success of a technology, and any products integrating that technology, is dependent on users enjoying excellent high quality connections the first time it is used.

Reading email and surfing the internet while on the move, at an airport or in a café, has become an accepted part of daily life. Now WLAN technology is also being integrated into mobile phones and PDAs so that users of these products can also benefit from improved access to data while on the move.


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