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Microelectronic Assembly Services

Anritsu Offers the Following Microelectronic Assembly Services

  • Eutectic die attach
  • Epoxy die attach
  • Gap welding: Solder reflow and gold ribbon
  • Auto and manual wedge bonding with 0.7 mil gold wire
  • Tack bonding
  • Ball bonding

  • Sheet epoxy attach
  • Non-conductive epoxy attac
  • Hermetically sealed connectors up to 110 GHz
  • Connector assembly up to 145 GHz
  • Soldering: Gold tin, indium based solders, SnPb, RoHs compliant solders, gold germanium
  • Repair of all above processes

Our experienced team offers superior agility and technical capabilities to ensure that your requirements are met. Let us collaborate with you to understand your needs and complete your project on time and with the highest quality.