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This product has been discontinued

  • 45 dB high dynamic range
  • Short 8 m dead zone
  • Simple measurement of chromatic dispersion from one end of an optical fiber
  • Measurement in 10 s (Full-Auto mode), 0.15 s real-time sweep
  • 5 cm high resolution, 50,000 sampling points
  • 8.4 inch TFT-LCD color display

Optical fiberSMSMSMSM
Wavelength1.31/1.55 µm1.31/1.55 µm1.31/1.55/1.625 µm1.31/1.41/1.55/1.625 µm
Dynamic range40.5/38.5 dB (typical)45/43 dB (typical)41.5/39.5/37 dB34/33/32/29.5 dB
Dead zone (Fresnel, back-scattered)1.6/8 m1.6/8 m1.6/8 m3/25 m
Chromatic dispersionNoNoNoYes
Light source functionNoYesYesNo
Visible light sourceYesYesYesYes
Optical power meterNoYesYesNo
High power optical power meterNoYesYesNo
Optical channel selector unitYesYesYesNo
ExplanationGeneral purpose OTDR for mid-distance SM optical fiber installation and maintenance. Offering superior cost performance.High performance OTDR: Ideal for users requiring long-distance optical fiber installation and maintenance.High performance three wavelength OTDR for testing at both the two standard SM window, but also the 1625 nm window used for fiber monitoring.A four wavelength OTDR with superb wavelength accuracy that can be used for conventional OTDR applications and chromatic dispersion measurement of high speed / high capacity transmission links.