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Mobile WiMAX Installation, Field Test and Maintenance

9/17/2008 ,11:00AM ,1 hour

Installing and maintaining 4G communications systems such as WiMAX are becoming increasingly complicated with the shift to higher frequencies and wider bandwidths. As these networks are deployed it becomes extremely important to properly test these systems to offer optimal performance and service to subscribers, in order to drive adoption and growth of WiMAX services.

In this web seminar you will learn how to test key drivers of WiMAX base stations to maximize your infrastructure potential and ensure your end users connection experience.

Topics Include:
1. WiMAX Technology Overview
2. Why test WiMAX transmitters in the field?
3. Power Measurements and signal quality measurements
4. Over the air and coverage measurements

Who should attend?
Field engineers, technicians, and supervisors involved in deploying and testing WiMAX networks, as well as managers with purchasing responsibility for field equipment.

Length: 45 min. presentation/15 min. Q&A

Sceen Shot of Mobile WiMAX