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Understanding WiMAX

12/11/2007 ,11:00AM ,1 hour

This Webinar is designed as an introduction to WiMAX. Topics include the evolution of the IEEE 802.16 standard, the role of the WiMAX Forum, and Physical Layer features as they apply to Fixed and Mobile WiMAX. OFDM will be examined in the frequency domain and OFDMA will be examined in the time domain. Other topics include the ISI and the cyclic prefix, and subchannels and permutation zones.

Who should attend:
Field engineers, technicians, and supervisors involved in deploying and testing WiMAX networks and individuals who need an understanding of WiMAX basic concepts and anticipated performance specifications, as well as managers with purchasing responsibility for field equipment.

Lynne Patterson
is a Field Marketing Engineer for wireless infrastructure test and measurement products for Anritsu Company. Her areas of expertise include the access side and the IP network side of wireless telecommunication systems. She has held positions at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, Nortel, and several telecommunication firms. Lynne received her BEE from Georgia Tech.