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R&D Activities

This section introduces Anritsu’s R&D activities forming the basis of the Group’s “Original & High Level products and services.”

R&D Systems

The Anritsu Group undertakes R&D into “Original & High Level products and services” at its R&D centers in Japan, USA, Europe, and Asia to offer global companies safe, secure and versatile solutions.

Anritsu Technical

This section introduces technical articles reporting on Anritsu’s “Original & High Level R&D.”

Advanced Technologies Development

The advanced technology development center not only looks ahead at future technologies but also decides themes to be either shared between all business sections in the Anritsu Group or to be implemented horizontally.

Device Development

The device development center mainly develops optical communications devices and ultrafast electron devices.

Latest Communications Measurement Technologies

This reports on the Measurement Business Group’s close relationship with the world’s leading customers based on both customer’s needs and Anritsu’s “Original & High Level technologies.”

Standardization Activities

Anritsu is an active participant in both domestic and international standardization activities, playing a key role in measurement technology R&D.