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Site Master Line Sweep Certification


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Site Master™ Line Sweep Certification Training

Site Master Line Sweep Certification is only available through Anritsu instructor-led training. This class is an intense two-day instructor led training course that focuses on RF line sweep theory, technology and the application of best practices when using the Site Master test unit for sweeping RF systems.

Price: $1,395 per student
Private, on-site classes in the contiguous U.S. start at $11,160 for up to 8 students.

Classes are taught using a combination of Site Master S331D's, S331E's and S331L's. Students will receive a navigational aide handout showing the differences between the user interface of all 3 models.


Download "Site Master Certified Line Sweep" Course Brochure



We now offer two 4 hour online courses. Though not required, these courses are highly recommended for anyone preparing to attend a Site Master Certified Line Sweep course session. Learn more about each of these courses:

Site Master Line Sweep Web-Based eLearning Course

Line Sweep Interpretation Web-Based eLearning Course

  Who Should Attend

  • Wireless Carriers
  • Base Station OEMs
  • Tower Companies
  • Field Engineers
  • Installers
  • Site Managers
  How You Will Benefit
  • Technical aspects of line sweeping
  • How to set up a line sweep
  • How cable length, cable type, and system components affect line sweep measurements
  • How to use DTF to get accurate and meaningful distance to fault results
  • How to identify, locate, document and resolve cable line transmission faults
  What You Will Cover
* Techniques and skills presented in our Line Sweeping Principles course.
* RF line sweep theory and technology.
* How to use Distance-to-fault to get accurate and meaningful DTF results.

Day One:
Introduction to Line Sweeping
System Components and Performance
Line Sweeping Fundamentals
Basic Set-Up and Measurements Lab
Trace Interpretation Lab

Day Two:
Handheld Software Tools
Antenna Characterization Lab
Additional Troubleshooting and Verification Lab
Hands on Practical and Written Exams
  Why Anritsu Training?

  • Hands-on: Learn by doing the task and not by watching. 50% of the course is hands-on.
  • Critical Emphasis: Fine tune the points and techniques that are of particular importance to your operations. Our skilled instructors and staff can tailor the module to meet your requirements.
  • Schedule: Training sessions can be easily scheduled months in advance. Get more specific details regarding class location or having a dedicated training session at your company site by contacting us directly at us-training@anritsu.com, or by registering for a class online.

"For a 2-day course, I learned a lot. I've been a Field Technician for several years and it wasn't until this training that I learned how to interpret sweeps and much better identify faults in the system. VERY SATISFIED!"


"One of the best classes ever!! One of the smartest instructors I've seen yet."


"The instructor was a pleasure to attend class with. I have been operating an Anritsu for approx. 4 years and still came away with a lot more knowledge than when I arrived. Thank you"


"I've been using a Site Master for at least 2 years. I learned more about the Site Master in 2 days than in 2 years."


"Excellent teacher, very knowledgeable, could properly and intelligently answer any questions the class had. I have been sweeping coax for over four years and had no idea how much I still did not know. I feel very comfortable returning to the field with the Anritsu"


"Best class I have had in 12 years in my department."


"[The] instructor has a phenominal wealth of experience and knowledge."


"[The] instructor was knowledgeable not only on course info but on such a broad spectrum of RF and industry info and was comfortable speaking about these things. The entire Anritsu experience was excellent."


"Great class, very good instruction. [I've worked] 13 years in the field [and taken] lots of classes. I appreciate a good instructor when I get one. "

  Additional Information


  • Classes will be cancelled if minimum registration of 5 students is not met two weeks prior to the class dates.
  • Credit card orders are authorized but not charged until the class is confirmed.
  • Online orders can only be processed if the billing address is in the United States


  • Once a class is confirmed, any student wishing to cancel must provide written notice to us-training@anritsu.com at least 14 days prior to the class date or be subject to a cancelation fee up to 100% of the registration price.
DateLocationNo. of Available seatsPrice per Student: $1395.00
10/13/2015-10/14/2015MORGAN HILL, CA: Hosted by Anritsu @ 490 Jarvis Drive, Morgan Hill, CA 950372Register Now
10/20/2015-10/21/2015CHARLOTTE, NC: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD5Register Now
10/20/2015-10/21/2015OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD7Register Now
10/20/2015-10/21/2015FAIRFIELD, NJ: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD2Register Now
10/27/2015-10/28/2015NEW ORLEANS, LA: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD6Register Now
10/27/2015-10/28/2015COLUMBUS, OH: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD3Register Now
10/27/2015-10/28/2015ONTARIO, CA: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD8Register Now
10/27/2015-10/28/2015DALLAS, TX: Hosted by Anritsu @ Location TBD6Register Now
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