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Certified Training

Certified Training

Certification is only available through Anritsu's instructor-led courses.

Students undergo hours of closely supervised hand-on instruction in order

to successfully complete both a written and practical exam and become

certified technicians in each discipline.


The following is a list of certification classes currently offered by Anritsu:

Anritsu Site Master Certified Line Sweep training is an intense, hands-on, two-day training course that focuses on RF line-sweep theory, technology and practical applications. During certification training, students will learn the skills necessary to test and maintain RF cable feedlines and antenna systems through both lecture and hands-on lab work. Conducted by technically skilled, Anritsu factory-certified instructors, this line sweep certification class will also give students a unique insight to line sweeping projects.

Specialized PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Measurement Training for the second generation PIM Master (MW82119A).

An intense one-day instructor led training course that focuses on making PIM measurements (theory and lab). PIM certification training includes a practical and a written test.

Please note: This course is not for those new to line sweeping or PIM testing.

Certified training is only available with Anritsu Instructor-Led classes. RF & Microwave Interference Analysis Certification is a 3-day instructor-led class that includes the fundamentals of spectrum analysis along with a focus on radio interference hunting and finding. Learn how to make common measurements and how to identify and locate interfering signals. This course is applicable to all handheld spectrum analyzers, but features lectures and labs supporting the technology found in the Spectrum Master MS2720T.

Anritsu Access Master Fiber Optic & OTDR Certification training is an intense, hands-on, one-day training course that focuses on Fiber Optic & OTDR theory, technology and practical applications. The class is a mixture of lecture and hands-on lab work using the Anritsu Access Master MT9083x2 instrument.

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