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Certified Training

Certified Training
The following is a list of certification classes currently offered by Anritsu:

Anritsu Site Master Certified Line Sweep training is an intense, hands-on, two-day training course that focuses on RF line-sweep theory, technology and practical applications. During certification training, students will learn the skills necessary to test and maintain RF cable feedlines and antenna systems through both lecture and hands-on lab work. Conducted by technically skilled, Anritsu factory-certified instructors, this line sweep certification class will also give students a unique insight to line sweeping projects.

Specialized PIM Master™ Passive Intermodulation Measurement Training for the second generation PIM Master (MW82119A).

An intense one-day instructor led training course that focuses on making PIM measurements (theory and lab). PIM certification training includes a practical and a written test.

Please note: This course is not for those new to line sweeping or PIM testing.

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