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Microwave Technology Center

Thin Film Device Fabrication

Microwave Technology Center

Thin Film Fabrication Services

The Anritsu Company is a global provider of RF and Microwave solutions, wireless and digital components, and instruments for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance functions. The Anritsu Thin Film Fab has over a 20 year track record in meeting the thin film circuit needs of its corporate parent. The Anritsu thin film services are setup to fabricate thin film circuits to very precise requirements, and contribute to Anritsu’s great success in the Wireless RF and Microwave fields.

We are proud to offer the Anritsu Thin Film Fabrication Services as your one-stop shop for any of your thin film fabrication needs. We offer customer specific services; including thin film depositions, resistor laser trimming, substrate laser drilling, photolithography patterning and device singulation services. We can also turn your CAD designs from the prototype level to high volume manufacturing within a very short period of time.

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The Microwave Technology Centers covers the following Technologies:

Process Design Services   Filled Vias and Plated Through-Holes
Substrate Materials   Laser Cutting and Drilling
Guidelines for Mask Design   Resistor Films
Metallization   Laser Trimming
Photolithography   Singulation
Insulation / Passivation   Inspection and Testing



The Anritsu Thin Film Fab is housed in a 6000 square feet of class 100 / 10000 clean room facility, and is equipped with a complete line of manufacturing and test equipment to fabricate a variety of thin film devices, including equipment for Laser Drilling, Sputtering, Plating, Photo-Patterning, Resistor Trimming, Dicing and DC / RF testing.

The Fab equipment is designed to be flexible in order to support the high mix, low volume circuit needs of the fab's customers. Devices can be fabricated on a variety of form factors, including 4, 3.25, 2 and 1 inch square and round substrates and up to 125 mil in thickness. The Fab personnel have experience processing various types of materials, including Alumina, Fused Silica, Silicon, Glass, and even Titanium substrates.

The fab also has access to a variety of Reliability and Accelerated Stress tests equipment, and can perform various wire and ribbon bonding tests to ensure compliance to any MIL standards.

Please refer to the Microwave Technology Center - Equipment for more information on the Fab's facilities

Design Guide

Please refer to our Design Guide and Guidelines for Photo Mask Design for general information on how to design and layout the thin film devices for fabrication.

Please note that these Guides are not intended to supply all the necessary modeling and statistical information for the complete circuit design. Instead, they offer general introduction and guidelines on how the different layers of the circuits can be build in the fab.

Potential customers of the fab are invited to submit their drawings and fabrication requirements and to discuss their needs in more detail with the Fab Process Engineers. In many cases, the fab can create suitable 'Process Flow" to meet the requirements of the end users.

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