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Anritsu's core business is test and measurement instruments for communications. Our products are used in design, manufacturing and maintenance of wired or wireless solutions, RF and microwave solutions and optical solutions, among other data communications applications.

For Next Generation Networks (3G, 3GPP, 3GPP2, 4G, LTE), Anritsu produces testers to verify optical/digital/IP networks and equipments; handheld testers for wireless infrastructures; and Wireless/VoIP network monitoring software packages and related services.

In addition, we make R&D and manufacturing testers for mobile handsets and general purpose testers for electronics components and emerging technologies. Anritsu test and measurement solutions have built a reputation for reliability, accuracy and a full range of features in a customer friendly package.

Anritsu provides the building blocks of today's complex fiber optical and wireless communications systems designed to the highest standards of performance and reliability. Anritsu offers high speed active and passive optical devices; bringing your optical system to life with a full line of laser diodes and receiver modules. For wireless networks, Anritsu maintains its leadership role with precision measurement and power management solutions that deliver superior accuracy at low cost.
Service Providers, their networks and their customers all have unique needs and to meet them requires a completely customized solution. Anritsu is the first monitoring and testing specialist to offer tailored OSS Solutions that provide business intelligence and sharpen your competitive edge.
Anritsu supports all major standards for wired and wireless communication and is a prominent member of many standards organizations. Our philosophy is to continue providing robust support for legacy standards, and technologies while taking a leadership role in the implementation of new standards to assist our customers achieve their goals during the research and development phase. Whatever your standard or combination of standards, Anritsu customers can count on instrumentation and connectivity that is fully compatible with their networks and their devices.
Anritsu's commitment to offer complete end to end solutions encompasses our professional services. Our Professional services offer additional time and money by improving efficiency and quality in our customers daily production. Quality is always at the forefront of our customers mind and ours in the services we provide.
The company provides Contaminant detection equipment, Checkweigher, Automatic combination weigher etc. based on its advanced signal processing technology and high-precision machine control technology. The company is committed to ensure the safety and security of food and pharmaceutical products through its excellent customized service and global business network across Europe and Asia.
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